Tax Practice Success Automation Webinar Series

Discover How To Put The Success Of Your Tax Practice On Auto-Pilot, So You Get Fresh Leads, New Clients, And Make More Money Without Having To Even Think About It

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning, check your email, and see payments that came in overnight?

What about having your appointment calendar fill up automatically, without you having to even touch it?

Or what if new prospects were calling your office out of the blue, without you even having to lift a finger?

Would you like to get twice as much client work done each day, resulting in twice as many billable hours for the same workday?

While this might sound like an absurd fantasy, the most successful tax practices in the country actually operate this way. Truly successful tax practices…

  • Get paid by clients on time, with no hassles.
  • Have 2x, or even 3x, the billable time per licensed tax practitioner.
  • Have new leads coming in without thinking about it.
  • Charge premium fees for their services.
  • Obtain new clients without pain or struggle.

These tax practices are not magical, nor are they particularly creative. These successful tax practices rely on one key secret to make it all possible: Systems.

Systems are the key to reducing stress and anxiety in your tax practice. Systems eliminate payment problems with clients. Heck, systems eliminate problem clients entirely. Systems allow you to spend more time on billable work, rather than administrative tasks.

Systems come in a variety of forms, and in this webinar series, Tax Practice Success Automation, you’ll learn a collection of techniques for operating your tax practice more efficiently, placing many things on auto-pilot, so that you can focus on making money.

I’m sure you didn’t start a tax firm so that you could spend all your time chasing down payments from deadbeat clients. You also didn’t plan to spend so much time dealing with broken printers, employees that can’t show up on time, and repetitive, mundane administrative tasks.

During the course of this 4-week intensive webinar series, you’ll learn how to eliminate the majority of headaches from your tax practice. You’ll learn tools for making sure that your sales funnel is always full, and increasing your own personal productivity.

Each webinar will be scheduled for 60 minutes, including a short Q&A session. However, knowing myself, anticipate that each session will actually go long, probably closer to 90 minutes. My aim is to give you the information you need to succeed, and over-deliver on that promise whenever I can.

The first three webinars will be recorded, so that you can review them later. Or, if you miss one, you can also watch it later.

Week 1: Principles of Success Automation (Dec. 3, 2012)

In the first week, you’ll learn the primary principles of putting your business on auto-pilot:

  1. Reduction
  2. Delegation
  3. Automation
  4. Systemization

We’ll cover how to reduce your own workload by eliminating pointless tasks. You’ll discover how to find competent assistance, both short and long-term, to off-load tasks that are below your pay grade. You’ll be introduced to strategies for creating efficiency systems that can be improved over time.

Week 2: Marketing on Auto-Pilot (Dec. 10, 2012)

You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t interested in marketing and lead generation for your tax practice. Here at Tax Marketing HQ, we’re all about lead generation and nurturing to help grow your tax practice. Most tax practitioners, however, have no desire to become full-time marketing experts.

In week 2, you’ll discover how to put your lead generation marketing, prospect followup, and client retention strategies all on auto-pilot. Your phone will ring and your web site will gather leads without you even having to think about it. You’ll learn how to set up the necessary automated systems, and learn new lead generation and prospect nurturing strategies that can be successfully conducted in a “hands off” manner.

Bringing in new clients without having to think about it – it’s not just fantasy, it’s a reality for many tax practices, and can be for you, also.

Week 3: Tax Resolution Case Automation (Dec. 17, 2012)

Specifically for tax resolution practitioners, this webinar is going to provide you the tools you need to accomplish a goal of many firms: Carry a heavier case load.

In tax resolution work, when you can work more client files at the same time, you make more money. I’ve met numerous tax practitioners that were shocked when they discovered they could double or triple their case load, without having to hire an assistant. Think about what that means for your bottom line.

In addition to exploring workflow management solutions and reducing document prep time, we’ll also delve into the use of specific systems and checklists for managing cases. We’ll cover both paper files and computer-based systems strategies, so if you still prefer using paper files, don’t worry, you won’t be left out!

Bonus Webinar: Secret “Outside the Box” Marketing Strategies (Dec. 31, 2012)

If you order all 3 weeks of this webinar series, you’re going to have access to a special bonus webinar covering very specific marketing methods that I don’t teach anywhere else. These tactics are remarkably effective, remarkably simple, and you won’t hear them anywhere else.

I consider these tactics to be so secret that this webinar will NOT BE RECORDED — if you want to learn these strategies, then you MUST be on the webinar live.

Just one of the tactics that I’ll present here can have your phone blowing up in less than 10 minutes, to such an extreme that you can’t keep up with the live call volume, let alone all the voicemails.

These strategies are also not for the thin-skinned: These are hyper-aggressive (yet still legal!) lead generation strategies that many people simply won’t be comfortable with. Yet with high discomfort comes high reward.

Again, this “super secret sauce” webinar will only be made available to those that order the entire webinar series, and it will only be available live – there will be no recording to watch later.


Each webinar will be approximately an hour to 90 minutes in length, including Q&A time. Recordings will be provided for each webinar except the bonus marketing session, which will NOT be recorded.

You can now order the webinar series replay for only $197.

Sorry, but access to this webinar series is currently only available with purchase of Tax Resolution Systems.