Engaging your prospects with your direct mail

What is the best way to get somebody’s attention?

First, everybody’s favorite word is their own name. So, personalize your mail pieces. This is something we will discuss later in the week, however.

Second most important has to do with a copywriting topic: You must enter the “conversation” that is going on in somebody’s head. For our purposes, that internal conversation has to do with their tax issues. If people are stressing out over their tax matters, then we are going to use that stressor as a way to get their attention and engage our prospects.

When we use the right combination of words, we can enter this conversation in our prospect’s head, and get them to keep reading. These same words sent to somebody that is NOT stressing out about their tax situation will have no effect, but that’s OK — they are not a good prospect for our services anyway.

Once we have somebody’s attention, and we have entered this mental conversation of theirs, the next thing that is best for us to do is to present them a solution to their problem that can make that problem go away. This is where our widgets come into play.

Our widgets are offered to our potential prospects as a way to to engage them. Remember, we want to get people to raise their hands and tell us that they want more information. While at this point they may not immediately purchase our services, we have at least separated them from the general public and can continue to market to them.

To successfully engage prospects, we need to give them special reports and other information that directly addresses their problem. We need to give them tools to evaluate their eligibility for an OIC, give them the right questions to ask to evaluate tax practitioners, and give them instructions for solving specific pieces of their problem.

Once you switch your marketing to this type of engagement, and use tools like special reports to educate your prospects, you are going to have a radically different interaction with your prospects — the kind that you’d prefer to have.… Continue reading

Advanced direct mail strategies for marketing your firm

Overall the past few months in this newsletter, we’ve laid the groundwork of how to market and sell your tax and accounting services. For the next several weeks, I am going to focus on one particular media each week.

This week, let’s discuss advanced direct mail strategies. Then, next week we’ll go through the thing that’s currently all the rage: Social media.

To start, let’s review a few quick points. Each of these points has been discussed at length in past articles, but a reminder is always good:

  1. The entire purpose of lead generation marketing is to separate interested people from the general population so that you can specially market to them.
  2. Marketing is not a “one and done” thing – maximum results are only attainable from marketing multiple times to the same people.
  3. Marketing is never about you – it’s about them and their problem
  4. Your target market doesn’t care about your years in business, your degrees, etc. They care about solutions to their problems, and your marketing needs to reflect that above all else.
  5. Marketing requires that you send the right message to the right target market using the right media.

If you need to review any of these points in depth, be sure to read back through the blog. To get everything in one fell swoop, consider purchasing our direct response marketing primer for tax practitioners..

Again, since the purpose of marketing is to generate leads and put them into our sales funnel for nurturing and eventual conversion into clients that pay us money, the thing that we have to focus on when it comes to interacting with our clients boils down to two things:

1. Demonstrating that a solution exists to whatever problem or pain they are experiencing, and,
2. Building up our value to the prospect so that they identify YOU with that solution.

The best way to achieve both of these objectives is through what is commonly called education based marketing. With this type of marketing, you are providing information to your prospects that identifies solutions to the problems that they are experiencing.

For example, if you are marketing tax problem resolution services to tax debtors, then your message to that target market needs to in some way address the solution to the tax problem. Your offer to them (response mechanism) also needs to be in line with that solution. We discussed marketing widgets last week, and this … Continue reading

Using marketing widgets to establish credibility and expert status

Another way of thinking about the type of direct response marketing I write about in this newsletter is to think of it as “educational marketing”.

Educational-style marketing allows you to separate your actual service from what you market. People love to know things, and if they have a problem in their life that is related to your services, they are going to be interested in learning about possible solutions.

Many of the widgets that we use in tax services marketing are educational in nature. There is an interesting byproduct of doing this: Your educational widgets for lead generation establish you as an expert in your field.

When you are perceived as an expert, you are definitely sitting on the “right side of the desk”, which is where you want to be. If they come to you as the expert on their particular problem, it also allows you to charge higher fees for specialized services. As the old saying goes, “You can’t be all things to all people.” So, use your lead generation marketing and accompanying widgets to establish yourself as an expert in a particular niche specialty, and specialists can command higher fees.

Using educational widgets in your marketing also serves to establish a special form of credibility for you and your firm: By providing free educational information, you avoid coming across as a pushy salesperson. This comes right back around to being on the right side of the desk. By using marketing widgets to build your expert status and credibility (really, these widgets are selling YOU), you aren’t put into a position of having to directly sell.

Putting together effective marketing widgets that demonstrate your ability to solve a prospect’s problem puts you in the driver’s seat with your clients. Through these marketing widgets, your prospects come to like and trust you, which are two of the most important factors in turning a prospect into a client.

Start using direct response marketing widgets that inform, entertain, and educate your prospects. Connect with your prospects through these materials, and communicate with them regularly in this manner, and you will have a long-term stream of good prospects and new clients.… Continue reading