Tax Marketing Success System

Discover How To Become The DOMINANT Tax Return Preparer In Your Area In 2012!

Regardless of whether you have an established tax practice or are just starting out, one simple fact stands out above all other things in your role as a tax professional:

If you can’t get clients, you’re going to starve.

It’s a very, very simple equation: If you prepare tax returns for a living, then you need people walking through your door with a tax return needing prepared in order to make a living!

Even if you have an established practice, you need to replace return volume that you are losing to tax software, IRS Free File, or even tax practitioners that ARE mastering the keys to attracting customers.

Fortunately, just like being a tax professional, becoming great at getting paying clients is nothing more than another learned skill that ANYBODY can master.

As a tax practitioner, you should take great pride in your education, in your tax knowledge, in your ability to recognize missed opportunities for tax savings, and in your ability to prepare an accurate tax return.

At the same time, however, you should take great pride in knowing how to make yourself available to the people that need your expertise. After all, that’s what we do, right? We help people. Therefore, you should feel GREAT about learning and doing marketing, because by learning and doing marketing, you are doing the things necessary for the people that NEED YOU to actually be able to FIND YOU.

When you understand both the theory and the practical mechanics of marketing, you can literally create a MACHINE that runs almost on auto-pilot, that brings you in a steady stream of new prospects. And when you understand “sales”, you know how to convert those prospects into clients — and the best part is that there is nothing required from the old fashioned notion of what “selling” is. In reality, as a service professional with your marketing done properly, people don’t need to be “sold”. Instead, the “sales” process becomes merely the initial consultation, and “closing” is simply the act of preparing their tax return and getting paid.

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Marketing and sales are, in my mind, such interconnected processes that it’s hard for me to separate them. Some people view marketing as the process to get them to come to you, and sales as the process where they pay you. To me, sales is a natural extension of the conversation you’re already having on the marketing side, even if you’re not physically speaking to them yet. This integrated approach to building client relationships is really what we’re talking about.

As 2012 approaches, you need to begin asking yourself some key questions for the upcoming tax seson:

  1. How am I going to replace clients I’ve already lost to the world of do-it-yourself software?
  2. How am I going to compete with IRS FreeFile?
  3. What can I do to retain existing clients that are contemplating leaving me for another practitioner OR to try doing things themselves?
  4. How am I going to stand out from my competition and get new clients?
  5. Are there things I can do in order to position myself in such a way as to justify charging higher fees? (Hint: The answer is YES!)
  6. What additional products and services can I offer my clients in order to increase the value of my business relationship which each of them?

What I want to do is show you, step by step, the process for generating interested prospects, maintaining communication with them, and bringing them on board as clients. I want to show you how to foster a relationship with new people you don’t yet know, while also strengthening the relationship with the clients that already know you. By helping other people in great ways, you’re also going to help yourself and your practice to grow, both personally and professionally.

The Tax Marketing Success System shows you how to connect with new clients, reactivate old clients, and retain existing clients. The program covers the following areas:

  • Direct response marketing, measuring your marketing results, testing your marketing, and more…
  • How to write scripts, headlines, and effective advertising that actually generates inquiries
  • How to use the telephone to build a massive prospect base
  • Using direct mail, classified ads, yellow pages, newspaper, and flyers to generate clients
  • Everything you need to know about Internet marketing to build a practice entirely through the Internet
  • Effective, affordable strategies for maintaining active communication with prospects to turn them into paying clients
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In addition to all the marketing education, you’ll also receive dozens of sample postcards, letters, flyers, telephone scripts, and other marketing materials which you will have full license to use in your own practice. These “Done For You” marketing pieces require nothing more than adding your name and phone number to get them out the door and new clients calling.

Note: If you are looking to build a larger practice, beyond just tax return preparation, then you may be interested in our comprehensive program for full-time tax, accounting, and legal professionals, the Tax Marketing and Practice Management Mastery Course. All of the materials in the Tax Marketing Success System are also included in the advanced course.

What are you waiting for? The time is NOW to take charge of your future and build the practice you’ve dreamed of.