Tax Marketing QuickTip #6: Posting Flyers

Like a zombie punching through six feet of dirt to rise from the grave, Tax Marketing QuickTips are back!

These were a popular feature on this blog from, umm, like, three years ago. Then I got all distracted and whatnot by starting a software company. Some people, right? 🙂

These QuickTips are intended to be exactly that: Short, actionable steps you can implement in just 10-15 minutes that will improve your tax practice in a small way. These are not meant to Earth-shattering, but more than anything are here to serve as a simple reminder for you to do something occasionally to work on your practice, rather than just in your practice.

Today we’re going to talk about one of the oldest, simplest, and cheapest lead generation tactics that exists: Posting flyers wherever you can.

You know the kind I’m talking about. The simple 8.5×11 sheet of paper with some simple ad copy and a compelling call to action, with the bottom of the flyer configured in a vertically cut “fringe” that people can tear a piece off of that contains your call to action response info: A phone number, website, etc.

I can already hear thousands of CPAs, lawyers, and EAs screaming out an exasperated, “Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?!

No, I’m not kidding. This is tots for realsies.

Select one service that you offer, and one offer. Apply the KISS principle here — that’s “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, if you’re not familiar.

For example, put your mugshot in the upper left corner, and in giant print put “Is the IRS making your life a living nightmare? Call Joe to schedule your complimentary Tax Debt Settlement Analysis…”. Or try something like, “What does the IRS have planned for YOUR retirement? Call Jane today for your complimentary Retirement Tax Assessment…”.

Post these up in locations around town. Apartment complex and HOA clubhouses often have bulletin boards. Community and senior centers. Grocery stores. Beauty salons. Laundromats. UPS Stores. Churches. Saloons. Civic and fraternal organization halls (VFW, American Legion, Knights of Columbus, etc). Neighborhood kiosks. Real estate brokerage office agent boxes. Community colleges. Put them everywhere you can.


  1. Ask permission before posting (obviously).
  2. Don’t expect miracles. The lead volume will be very, very low.
  3. Understand that your only targeting here comes from the placement, so understand the type/quality of leads that certain placements will generate.

With your expectations properly set, this tactic can generate … Continue reading

Tax Marketing QuickTip #5: Collecting Leads Online

Ultimately, the purpose of all your direct response lead generation marketing is to do exactly that: Generate leads.

There are many different ways to collect those leads. For example, you can direct people to call a phone number, go to a web site, physically show up somewhere, send something via postal mail, send a fax or email, etc.

Before you scoff at the idea of using 24 hour recorded information phone lines or having people fax something to you, you should know that for the right target market, offer, and marketing message, those response mechanisms still work perfectly fine.

During my international travels, I developed a distinct preference for email communication above all else, and thus that’s ultimately where I would drive leads, but it would often take some time before they got into my email pipeline.

Now days, I definitely prefer webinars for many reasons, and I now use them in all my business operations, including being the single point of entry into my world for tax resolution prospects. In other words, all of my direct mail, all of my telemarketing, and all of my online lead generation send people to the same place: A webinar registration page.

Regardless of whether you’re doing webinars, offering free reports, scheduling a “Tax Debt Settlement Analysis”, etc., collecting leads online all require the same technology set.

There are a bazillion different ways to do this, but since this is a Tax Marketing QuickTip, I’m just going to give you the short version, which represents the technology stack that I’m currently using to collect leads:

  1. for domain names. I currently own over 150 domain names, and the vast majority of them are simply landing pages for collecting leads. I simply use their URL redirect feature to tie the domain name to the landing page.
  2. for landing pages. There are numerous ways to create landing pages, and you do not need a service to do so. But LeadPages makes it quick, easy, and simple to create beautiful landing pages and tie them into an email list service.
  3. for managing email lists. Again, numerous ways to do this, but Aweber is highly reputable in the email marketing space, extremely affordable, and easy to use. I’ve been using them for over a decade.

Hooking these three things together is incredibly easy. I create the lead response widget for my offer, create a new Aweber list, make … Continue reading

Tax Marketing QuickTip #4: Direct Mail

“I’m not dead!” -sick man in Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail

I know that I shouldn’t take things people say on the Internet too personally, but I often do. There is a 1-star review on Amazon for one of my books that chaps my hide in particular, because the reviewer states, “The marketing information is outdated…

What he’s referring to in that particular book is that the marketing plan presented centers 100% around direct mail and telemarketing.

Here’s why this comment torques me so much: I have current Platinum members pulling in six figures annually from direct mail. There are old consulting clients from a few years ago that are doing seven figures annually from old direct mail campaigns that they’ve never changed since I designed them.

Direct mail isn’t dead.

In fact, telemarketing and direct mail, in that order, are the two dominant marketing media used to sell tax resolution in this country. We’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars per year of just tax resolution sold through telemarketing and direct mail.

Here’s something else you may not know: One of the most successful tech companies ever created, Google, still uses direct mail sent to newly registered businesses in order to drive sales of their online advertising platform (Adwords).

Here are my top 3 direct mail tips for you:

  1. Mail in sequences. Mailing once is just a waste of money. If you’re going to do direct mail for lead generation, do it right. Multi-hit sequences are the only way to go.
  2. Send the right message to the right people. Sending your seasonal $29 off coupon postcard to a tax lien list is a recipe for failure. So is sending a tax planning consultation offer to low income 1040 filers. It’s called “market to message match”, and you’ve got to have it. I rarely mention the first book I wrote for tax pros, but read Effective Copywriting for Accounting Professionals for in depth coverage of this topic.
  3. Use direct mail for long-term client/prospect follow up. Email autoresponders are awesome, I love them and use them frequently. However, there is nothing more effective for converting your best prospects into clients, and keeping your existing clients coming back, than using a monthly direct mail contact. Be it a newsletter or otherwise, this is probably the single best monthly investment you can make in your business.

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