Tax Marketing QuickTip #2: Your Website Sucks

Nearly every tax professional has a web site by now.

Unfortunately, 99% of those websites are garbage.

Your website is there to help you communicate the benefit of your services to visitors. In other words, more than anything else, your website is a marketing piece. Any other function of your web site, such as being a client document portal, is completely secondary to it’s primary function as a central component of your marketing presence.

Since this is a Tax Marketing QuickTip, I’m not going to go on a long tirade about what’s wrong with most tax firm websites. Instead, I’m going to give you my top 5 suggestions for what to include on your web site:

  1. Include a lead capture mechanism. Offer some sort of lead response widget in exchange for their contact information.
  2. Have a blog, and update it frequently. You want your website to rank high in Google. The single most important component of this is to have high quality content on your web site that is updated frequently.
  3. Don’t hide. One of the first places most visitors go when they get to a tax firm website is the “About” page. On this page, visitors want to see a human being. That’s YOU. Have a photo, your full name, and a little bit about you. New tax clients are looking to make a human connection, don’t be anonymous and try to hide behind a corporate identity.
  4. Use client testimonials. Testimonials still matter. This is NOT an outdated marketing idea. Ask your clients for testimonials, and stick them online. Visitors WILL respond positively to this.
  5. Connect your social media accounts. You don’t have to be a social media machine, but your web site should be set up to allow visitors to connect with you on the social media platforms that you’re willing to use. For example, I despise Facebook, but I can stomach Twitter and LinkedIn, so I restrict people to connecting with me on just those two platforms.

If your web site is missing any of these five critical elements, then I would encourage you to correct the situation ASAP. Doing just these five things will put your web site into the top 1% of tax and accounting practice web sites.

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Want a full critique of your tax firm web site? Want hands-on help in making a your online presence a profit center rather than just an expense? Let’s work together to fix this incredibly important aspect of your practice, and propel your tax firm to new heights. For more information, check out the new and improved 2016 Platinum Inner Circle.