Tax marketing headline bank + monthly Q&A conference call

Whenever you do any sort of marketing, the single most important component for you to get right is your headline. I talk about this concept extensively in my book, Effective Copywriting for Accounting Professionals.

The headline, be it written, video, or audio, is what grabs your prospect’s initial interest and gets them to continue reading, listening, or watching.

In today’s message, I’m going to provide an example of what is called a headline bank. A headline bank is a list of headline ideas that you have brainstormed. The purpose of going through such an exercise is not only to get your “creative juices” flowing, but also to give you a source of material to pluck from when you are getting ready to test new marketing materials.

Use this headline bank as a starting point for your own, but don’t stop there. Read the headline chapter of the book to learn more about how to use them. From the headline flows the remainder of your ad copy or script.

June Q&A Call

Before I present the headline bank for you, I also want to announce that TOMORROW I’ll be holding an open Q&A call in for everybody. This will start at 1pm Eastern time, on Friday June 28th, 2013. Call in with any questions you have relating to marketing your practice, closing sales, business systems and automation, or collections representation case work.

Dial in number: (424) 203-8405

Access code: 929729#

I’ll be on that conference call line for at least one hour, so hop on anytime after 1pm EST. If people still have questions, I’ll stick around for a full two hours if necessary.

Headline Bank

Here’s that tax marketing starter headline bank for you. These headlines are literally variations on some of the most successful direct mail and print advertising headlines written in the past century.

The Secret to Making the IRS Go Away
A Little Mistake That Cost A Plumber $150,000 Last Year
Advice To Wives Whose Husbands Don’t File The Taxes — By A Wife
Are You Ever Tongue-Tied With The IRS?
How A New Discovery Made A Plain Business Successful
How To Reduce Taxes and Settle With the IRS
Who Else Wants Relief From IRS Tax Burdens?
Do You Make These Mistakes On Your Tax Returns?
Why Tax Debts Simply “Explode” In Amount
IRS Levies Released in 24 Hours — Or Your Money Back
You Can Laugh At Tax Worries — If You Follow This Simple Plan
Why Some People Almost Always Pay Zero Taxes
When IRS Agents Have Tax Problems, This Is What They Do
Fix Familiar Tax Troubles — Which Would You Like To Overcome?
Which of These $2,500 to $5,000 Tax Services Do You Want — For Only $950?
Who Ever Heard Of Reducing Your Taxes — And Making More Money While Doing It?
Discover the Tax Savings That Lies Hidden In Your Daily Life
Accountants Prove that 2 Out of 3 Businesses Can Reduce Their Tax Debt In 30 Days
How A “Fool’s Errand” Can Actually Cut Your Tax Bill
Tax Savings That Lie Hidden In Your Business
Do YOU Make Any Of These 10 Costly Tax Mistakes?
Four Types of Taxpayers – Which Group Are YOU In?
Does YOUR Tax Debt Embarass You?
To People Who Want To Resolve Their Taxes — but can’t get started
The Crimes We Commit Against Our Own Businesses
They Snickered When I Told Them How Much Tax I Owed — But When I Told Them How Much I Settled The Tax Debt For…
How To Work Wonders With Your Tax Bill
Little Leaks That Keep Men Poor
Often A Taxpayer, Never A Tax Saver
To Anybody That Wants To Quit Paying Taxes
How To Run Your Business To Suit Yourself
Buy No Tax Resolution Service… Until You’ve Read This Special Report
“I Lost My Tax Debt… and Saved Money, Too”
Right & Wrong Business Practices — And Little Pointers That Will Reduce Your Taxes
Now, Any Tax Problem Can Be A Cake Walk For You!
It’s A Shame For You Not To Reduce Your Tax Debt — When Others Do It So Easily
Thousands Now Save On Taxes Who Never Thought They Could
Here’s A Quick Way To Kill Your Tax Bill
“Last Friday…Was I Scared! – The IRS Garnished My Paycheck!”
5 Reasons Why It Would Have Paid You To Answer Our Ad A Few Months Ago
Are We A Nation of Tax Cheats?
What Everybody Ought To Know… About This Tax Resolution Business
Carpenter Reduces Tax Liability By 48% In Two Months Using These Tactics
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