How often should you contact your tax prospect list?

A pretty common question that I get is in regards to how often tax professionals should contact their list of prospects.

Remember, these are folks that at some point in time have contacted you about your services, ordered a special report, attended a seminar, or in any other way contacted you to express an interest.

The answer to this question is both simple, and complex. Before I get to that, however…

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The most basic answer to the question of how often to contact your prospect list is this: As often as you have something worth saying.

Here’s the longer answer…

Your prospect follow up touch program should consist of as many pre-scheduled contacts as you reasonably have. With a monthly print newsletter and a bi-weekly email newsletter, you’re already at 36 touches per year. You should also be holding special events, seminars, and webinars on a frequent basis that you are inviting your prospects to.

For the first two months after a lead first contacts you, they should be on an accelerated touch program. My normal prospect funnel includes a daily contact for the first two weeks, including weekends. This is by mail, email, fax, and phone.

The bottom line is that there is no precise frequency for contacting a list. Aiming for 40 to 80 touches per year, however, is a good target. If you’re any less than 40, you’re simply not doing enough to convert these prospects to clients.


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