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March 2018

Dan covers the exact steps to take to ensure your ability to take a vacation smack dab in the middle of filing season. Jassen covers using Snapchat for marketing and writing copy that sells.

Checklist of the Month: Preparing for Public Speaking. Yeah, this was pre-COVID, but the tips still apply to online presentations.


April 2018

In this issue, Dan delves into the importance of systems in your practice. In addition, buried on page 3, you’ll find an incredibly valuable tip to make the final few weeks of filing season less stressful and more profitable for you every year (seriously, right column, sixth paragraph down is this gem — worth the price of this issue alone).

Jassen delves into the Four Core Marketing Strategies that all accountants should be using. By differentiating between strategies and tactics, and aligning your strategies with specific, measurable, achievable outcomes (ahem, SMART goals, anyone?), you will get better marketing results within your firm. These four specific strategy areas should form the basis for your entire marketing plan.

In this issue, we also provide a detailed critique of one Enrolled Agent’s tax resolution marketing brochure.

Lastly, Dan share his filing season phone strategy, including three sample phone scripts that his staff use for handling appointment confirmations, setting appointments, and handling tax prep fee inquiries.


May 2018

It’s a cliche as old as business itself: People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Entire volumes have been written about KLT. But which one is the most important?

In this issue of The Profitable Accountant™, Dan starts at the beginning: Getting people to know you. He provides a simple way to maximize networking opportunities so that more people get to know you, which leads to future business. He discusses the Visibility and Credibility equation, and how to apply it.

Over on Jassen’s pages, the story of the Four Core Marketing Strategies continues. This issue focuses on your client retention and upsell strategy. He shows you how to make your client love you forever, so that they do another business cliche: Stay, pay, and refer. You’ll learn how to eliminate failure points in your client retention strategy so that you maximize Lifetime Client Value (LCV) and get more referrals.

Checklists: Interior and Exterior Office Evaluation Checklists. Hint: It’s time to replace that smelly shag carpet.

Jassen also delves into his understanding of complying with various telemarketing laws (of course, not a lawyer, this is not legal advice).

Dan finishes this issue off with his Post-Filing Season Analysis Checklist. How to tally up your wins and losses, identify areas for improvement, and determine needs for next season. Then, of course, Jassen gets the last word in to encourage transitioning away from filing season.


June 2018

In this issue, Dan shows you how to profiteer from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and how to eliminate the stress and anxiety of crappy clients.

Jassen presents tips for a successful proactive referral campaign, including a referral marketing checklist.

Dan provides a copy of his personal tax questionnaire for new clients (not your typical “tax organizer”).


July 2018

Dan talks about his vacation lead gen strategy. Yeah, you read that right. Dan explains how he generates new leads while he’s away on vacation. Once Europe is letting Americans visit again, this will be valuable intel.

Jassen continues with the next installment in the Four Core Marketing Strategies series, covering how to effectively follow up with your leads so that they’ll actually convert into appointments and then paying clients. He’ll show you the exact components of your lead follow up strategy, and how to not drop the ball on this important core of your marketing plan. There’s even an example 60-day follow-up marketing calendar, showing exactly what to do day by day for 60 days.

Closing out this issue, Dan provides a copy of his paper (yes, paper) 1040 return prep “routing slip”. This shows the status of a return, who’s doing what with it, and walks step-by-step through review and quality check of the return. Built in to this technical process flow are reminders to upsell the client to other services they may need. That alone is worth purchasing this back issue.


August 2018

Are you properly maximizing the profitability of every client relationship?

Was that too crass of a question? Let me ask the same question, but in a different way: Are you properly addressing the full range of issues that your clients desperately need help with?

See that? Same question. Different perspective. In this issue, Dan delves into that exact set of questions to help you maximize your revenue, while providing the highest level of service to your clients.

Also in this issue: Jassen provides a deep analysis on a big lead magnet package that long-time member Mike Ornelas, EA assembled for offering his tax resolution services to real estate agents. We take a look at the structure of his offering, what makes it work, and an in-depth breakdown of each component of the package offering. Trust me, you’ve never seen anything like this, and it provides an excellent case study in how to package a lead generation offer in a unique way.

Checklist of the Month: The 60-Day Tax Resolution Startup Plan. This is the original, short-form version of Jassen’s world famous 60-day startup plan. Often copied, but never exceeded, this is the original and best. In literal step-by-step fashion, see what to do each day, day in and day out, for 60 consecutive days to launch your tax resolution practice.

This 60-day checklist is currently in the process of being expanded into a much, much longer book that will cost far more than $98, at which time this back issue will be removed. So, get it now before it’s gone.


September 2018

Dan shows you how to provide 5-star customer service. Jassen waxes poetic about the fourth and final component of your Four Core Marketing Strategies, which focuses on cold lead generation.

Dan shares his individual fee increase letter, providing three options for existing clients to choose from when he’s implementing a tax prep fee increase. This template letter alone is worth the $98 for this back issue.


October 2018

Dan shows you how to deal with procrastinator clients, including a checklist for evaluating their behavior that will help you determine whether or not to keep that client.

Jassen discusses how to assemble your filing season marketing plan, with specific actions to start taking each fall in preparation for the upcoming filing season if your goal is to retain past clients and gain new ones. Included is a sample referral request letter to send your existing clients.


November 2018

This is the one where Dan entices you to not only raise your fees, but to position yourself to charge premium fees to your clients. He discusses his own high fee structure, and discusses how he “gets away with it” while being in a not-so-wealthy town of only 27,000 people.

This is also the one where we tell you why you should write a book, and how to go about doing it. Seriously, writing your own book is one of the most valuable marketing activities you’ll ever engage in. A book is a better than a business card, is an incredible lead magnet, and is also a sales letter that’s not a sales letter. When you’re an author, people look at you differently, and it opens doors to new marketing opportunities that you would never have otherwise. Despite living deep inside the digital age right now, writing a physical book still puts you on a pedestal. Think about it: Why does every politician, celebrity, major social media influencer, or flash-in-the-pan person write a book? Because it’s highly effective marketing, that’s why.

Jassen drones on about why you should get up on stage and do public speaking.

Checklist of the Month: Event Planning. Hosting your own event is a great way to position yourself as an authority and generate new leads. There is a reason why financial planners, annuity salesmen, estate planning attorneys, etc. still host the class “financial dinner seminar”, and have been doing so since the 1950’s: Because it works. This checklist shows you how to set up and market your event. Yeah, yeah, COVID has put this on hiatus, but start planning for post-COVID, when people that have been locked in their homes for a year are going to be antsy to attend anything with real people in attendance.

Bonus: Sample seminar invite postcard targeting real estate agents.


December 2018

This is the one where Dan shows you how to gain back control of your most precious resource: TIME.

Look, we’re all gonna kick the bucket some day. Do you want to waste your limited time on this rock dealing with idiots, slogging through endless basic returns, constantly being interpreted, doing by hand what shouldn’t be done at all or can be done 20x faster by a machine, etc., etc., etc.? No, you don’t. Your time is incredibly valuable, so take back control with Dan’s power tips.

Marketing Piece: Dan provides a copy of his letter to business tax prep clients to upsell them on bookeeping services. Yeah, worth the $98 just for this. It’s good.

Jassen delves into an uncomfortable topic for most accountants. Selling. Specifically, how to create questions during a sales interaction (aka, a consultation with a new prospective client) that will uncover the prospects true needs and motivations.

Marketing deep dive: Jassen shows you step by step how to start generating leads from the wild, wild west of the Internet: Reddit.com. Don’t miss this 5-page game plan, with screen shots.


January 2019

It is the start of the new year. What else to talk about but goal setting. Dan talks about some metrics to keep track of in your practice to see how you are doing.

Since we are all about starting new habits at the beginning of the year, Dan talks about some Time Management techniques for you to use. From Time Blocking, Email do’s and don’ts, Administrative tasks you should not be doing and finally learning how to close your door for some solitude.

Dan’s Marketing bit is about using email for client engagement and the he discusses tracking your marketing. If you don’t track it, how do you know it is working.

In the tax corner, we make you aware of how the IRS can find out the many ways to find unscrupulous tax professionals.

Our guest columnist Salim Omar goes into Tax Season Hacks to make a better and efficient tax season.

Are you a student of marketing? Jassen ends this issue with a great article on how to build your list.


February 2019

In this issue Dan discusses how to love your clients and especially love your staff with some real easy tips.  He also provides some real good data security tips to keep you and your data safe from the bad guys.  Both Jassen and Dan tackle an article on how to write an effective press release (including a sample press release on the last page of the newsletter).

Guest columnists James Orr has an article about including real estate as part of an overall financial plan and Salim Omar talks about employee recognition with the role it can play in creating loyalty to you and your firm.

Jassen has a great article on hiring gig workers in your practice to save your time and money, while Dan tells of the benefits of either hosting or taking part of a mastermind group.

Finally, Dan reveals effective blogging tips and the tax resolution tip discloses the code section citation of when the IRS will automatically accept an OIC after two years.


March 2019

This is our jumbo 24 page issue.  In this edition Dan reveals the warning signs of a bad client so you don’t keep bringing them into your practice.  He also discusses the importance of professional liability insurance and how to plan a vacation, especially in the middle of tax season.

Dan also talks about significance of “Sharpening your saw” and what that means to advancing your knowledge and he discloses the reasons you need to have 24-55 touches with your clients every year.  He also gives you benefits and contents of a shock and awe package.

Jassen’s primarily writes on creating a content marketing plan.  He examines what it is and how to use it.  The pièce de ré·sis·tance is his 8 page “The Complete Guide To Content Repurposing” for you to use to get a good start on your content planning.

Our guest columnists Salim Omar discusses how to overcome our issues with self-promotion and James Orr gives you some food for thought when you evaluate the risks of having real estate in a financial portfolio.


April 2019

Spring is upon us.  Tax season is over, now is the time to plan for the next step.  Dan discusses planning after tax season, how to take control of your practice over clients, how to create a lead magnet to use in your marketing and in his Celebrity Tax Pro corner he tells you what the ACE Principal is.  He also helps you understand using Joint Ventures in your practice.  The technical tip of the month is special situations in preparing a Form 433 for your clients.

Jassen provides a great explanation on using email to build a list.  Our guest columnists this month Salim Omar teaches you how to keep your practice running while you are on vacation and James Orr discusses his Real Estate Financial Planner Book

The checklist of the month is a writing checklist to help you become


May 2019

Dan begins this issue with telling you how to use temporary placement agencies and follows that up with giving out some great job interview questions.  He then provides you with the reasons to speak to acquire tax prep and tax resolution clients.

Dan then goes into using networking to gain 941 tax resolution and employer shared responsibility cases and in his CTP corner he tells you why and how to start a podcast.

Jassen provides you a marketing plan to use after tax season to ramp up your tax resolution and then gives you a super-secret and stealthy way to go after 941 tax liens using an awesome strategy.

Our guest columnists this month Salim Omar discloses how to use a free strategy session in your marketing while James Orr discusses the Best Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet.


June 2019

This is part of the summer series. Dan first discusses the need for vacation and some things to think about from a practice planning perspective (because you never really stop thinking about the office).  What things could you add, subtract, or do better in your practice. There is a very detailed list of topics for you to keep in mind.

Do you not delegate correctly (or at all)? Dan takes you through some ideas to help you grow and expand your practice.

From the marketing side, Dan tells how to start up your own Meetup group and then shows you how to create an audio CD for your Shock-and-Awe toolkit.

Our special guest columnist Salim Omar discusses the Secret Sauce of Hyperlocal Marketing. What it is. How to use it. And what it means to you.

Our checklist of the month is How to Host Your Own Meetup Group and the Marketing Piece of the month is an OIC Postcard


July 2019

This is our Special Issue!  This is the Firm Up Your Firm™ issue.  This is the best of TPA from Dan and Jassen.

Dan embarks on becoming the ACE in your local market and what that means, while Jassen explains why marketing is the key to wealth.

Dan further offers tips on time blocking, dealing with procrastinators and goes through some billing 101 tricks to get paid more in your practice.

Jassen offers his flat fee quotation examples to show you how it is done.  How you can charge and calculate your fees for the services you offer to tax resolution representation clients.  In addition, he offers directions on how to create a marketing plan in one hour per day.

Finally the checklist of the month is Dan Henn’s writing checklist.  How to get out there and become a columnist in a newspaper or magazine.  The bonus checklist this months is a Sample Agenda if you want to run a Meetup Group.

In the Tax Corner, there is an IRM cite on research the IRS is supposed to do when you submit information to them in a collections case.


August 2019

This is the how to find your niche issue, Jassen starts it off by discussing why you need to have a target market and how to find them.

Dan then rolls into various questions you need to ask yourself of the target market you want to work with.  Remember the old adage that there is “Riches in Niches”.  Then he tells you the art of delegating work in your firm.  In the Celebrity Tax Pro corner, Dan explains the some additional reasons why you need to incorporate newsletters in your marketing for client retention and client attraction in your practice.

Our guest columnist Salim Omar explores business research.  What is it and the various scenarios on why you should use this in your practice.

Jassen then ends with a movie.  Well, he discusses what a client Avatar is, why it is important to know that and provides his 3 page checklist, as our checklist of the month, on how to determine what that avatar should look like for you.

Finally, this issue ends with the tax corner section.  The technical tips here this month are how to report misconduct of an IRS employee, what the IRS looks for in Tax Return Preparer misconduct and what the Taxpayer Advocate’s office looks like from the lens of an IRS employee.


September 2019

Client Acceptance is the word for this month!  Dan explains the importance of having client acceptance procedures.  Meaning that you don’t have to work with everyone.  In addition, since Dan lives in hurricane alley and most of the country has their one natural disaster calamity, he discusses the need to have a business interruption plan.  In Dan’s Celebrity Tax Pro column, he explains the need for you to have a story.  People love stories and want to know yours.

In this month guest column, Salim Omar reviews persuasive advertising for tax professionals that includes a short checklist.

In this month’s issue, Jassen delves into the proper way to manage difficult client situations.

To conclude this issue, Dan shares his two page Client Acceptance Questionnaire.


October 2019

Recession? Jassen starts this issue with his viewpoint on how to handle the talk about our country heading for another recession.

In our first Member Center Stage column, member Mike Ornelas discusses his book and how he uses this in his practice, which is primarily tax resolution.

Dan gives details on how to create a marketing calendar in your practice.  In his Celebrity Tax ProTM column he illuminates various ways in using a seminar in your practice to attract client prospects.

The special guest column, Salim Omar talks about using guarantees in your marketing.  The use of a guarantee can greatly differentiate you from your competition.

The butt end of this issue is Jassen explaining how to use backlinks to help improve your SEO strategy and then he provides you a good illustrative example of what time blocking should look like on your calendar.


November 2019

Welcome to the fall issue.  Dan starts this issue with a great discussion on client cleaning.  What does that mean?  Sometimes it is time to clean house and get rid of those clients you wish you no longer had.  Yes, including mom, dad or siblings.  If you want to find out some of the best ways to fire clients (and yes, in a nice way), then this is the issue for you.  He also discusses the need for disengagement letters and how to use them.  In Dan’s Celebrity Tax Pro corner he discusses Speaking Techniques.  This is the proper process from beginning to end on how to get the speaking gig, tips for preparation before you speak and how to follow-up when you are done speaking.

In further discussion of how deal with crappy clients, Jassen gives you the Guide to Dealing with Crappy Clients. This guide is over 5 pages of tips and tricks to get away from crappy clients and how to avoid attracting others.

The final piece de resistance are template letters from Dan for you to use in firing clients and one for a sample disengagement letter.  Jassen also gives you his version (written in a very unprofessional manner on purpose) for firing clients.  In the Hind End of this issue, Jassen gives a detailed explanation on why the letter is written in an unprofessional way.  But use it at your own risk.


December 2019

With Christmas on the horizon, this issue focuses on aspects of Gifting to generate business for your firm.  Since this is also a month where you spend time with family, it is important to protect yourself (and them) by have the right insurance in place for your practice.  We all make mistakes and for some, it is only a matter of time before someone sues you.  With the right insurances (professional liability, general liability, cyber liability, and an umbrella policy, these will keep you protected.  Dan then offers a reason to have an Employee Handbook, yes, even for a small firm.  In his Celebrity Tax Pro corner Dan’s insight on building authority (ACE principle) and the various ways/tools you can use to generate celebrity status in your local market.

Member Center Stage is Carlos Sanmaniego, EA from Redlands, CA.  Carlos gives us his view of the celebrity status he has created by speaking and having his own Tax Resolution book.

Jassen’s gift to you for the holiday season is an exercise on Crafting an Unforgettable Book Title.  He also helps you as we get ready for another year, 18 Things to STOP Doing Now to Improve Your Tax Firm.

Jassen’s Hind End column this months is a motivator and kick in the pants at the same time to get you to think differently and how to become an Implementor and not just a buyer of every program out there.  Here is to the start of a Happy New Year!


January 2020

It’s a new year.  Make them feel special. That is how you should make your clients feel.  Dan starts this issue with an article on some things you can do to make your clients feel special and want to come back every year.  Not only that, but tell others about you.   Next he discusses some of the basics on how you and your staff should handle the phone when someone calls your office.  This is the first impression of your firm.  You need to do it right.  He then rolls into an article on newsjacking.  The discussion is about what it is and why you need to know about it.

In his Celebrity Tax ProTM section, he shows you why using seminars in your practice can help build authority and increase the volume of quality clients you will acquire.

Member Center Stage this month is Claudia Moncarz.  She is an attorney (one that give it a good name) that specializes in tax issues of foreign nationals.  She will tell you why using a book to get speaking engagements will help you grow your practice.

This year, Jassen has a focus on helping tax professionals write a book.  He starts his portion of this issue on giving you an exercise to create a book outline.  He then wraps up by giving you Six Steps to Getting Published On Authority Sites.


February 2020

This is the month of love.  In this issue, we discuss loving your practice.  Be proud of it and look into new (and profitable) service offerings that you can provide to your clients that are ancillary to your current service offerings.

Next Dan talks about networking in groups like BNI and LeTip followed by his Celebrity Tax ProTM article on being on the radio to build authority.

Our guest columnist, Salim Omar, offers a view of services you can add to your practice that will provide value.

Finally, Jassen has a great article to get you thinking differently.  Differently in what way?  Killing the tax preparation side of your business.  He provides a three step process to help you determine the New DirectionTM for your practice and your life.  There are even a helpful tools like a client letter to help you communicate this to your clients and a phone script for your staff to help you in the process.


March 2020

Most practitioners struggle in their pricing.  Value pricing has been used by many CPAs for decades, but most tax practitioners need an update on better pricing skills as most leave money on the table.  Dan explains how to look at and implement value pricing in your tax practice.  Cross Dressing is the next topic.  What? Wait, I meant Cross Selling is the next topic.  I don’t know anything about cross dressing (and don’t want to).  Cross selling is the practice of selling your services to existing clients.  Did you know it is a lot less costly to sell to an existing client than find a new client.  Dan further explains how to apply this to your existing clients.  In his Celebrity Tax Pro column, Dan explains the differences and similarities of using webinars vs seminars in promoting yourself.

Our guest columnist Salim Omar discusses the true cost of labor costs with tips on how to improve them.

Jassen provides six pages, yes, 6 pages, of sample letters for collecting fees and handling service plan renewals.  He then wraps up with his version of value pricing.


April 2020

In this April shower issue, Jassen starts with a very important topic, How to Raise Your Fees.  Most practitioners are priced too low and many more never raise their fees.  Some charging the same rates they were charging 10-15 years ago.  He talks about dealing with difficult people, common fee mistakes and discusses the term scope creep (no it is not peeping Tom).

Checklist of the month is Jassen’s version of a Fee Increase Implementation Checklist.

Now that Jassen has discussed how to raise your fees, Dan spends the rest of the issue telling you how to collect on those new higher fees.  He ends with a short story on why you should join a trade organization.


May 2020

Dan starts this issue with a May flowering article on how to handle sales objections.  This is one aspect of sales that tax practitioners don’t know how to handle as sales was not taught in school.  He then rolls into a discussion on automating your marketing processes and other administrative tasks.

Jassen shouts from the rooftops with an excellent article on creating a program and plan to provide a 5 Star Onboarding Experience and WOW-ing your clients.

The worksheet of the month is a three page list of Creating Your Client Onboarding.

The bonus Checklist of this month is Onboarding Process Review/Critique Checklist

The bonus bonus for May is Sample Staff Role Breakdown for the Office Manager Position


June 2020

The Profitable Accountant is expanding its reach.  Now each quarter, we are starting to elaborate a little deeper into various niche industries.  This issue focuses on The Real Estate Agent Niche.  Dan starts by talking in the summer heat about charging fees to the Real Estate Professional.  Then he delves into getting in front of the Real Estate Agent by speaking to groups of them.  In his Celebrity Tax Pro corner Dan gives you some insights on writing in your local paper, magazine or writing your own book and the benefits of writing to promote your practice.

The Checklist of the Month is Dan’s coveted Real Estate Office Speaking Checklist

Jassen squawks this month.  Now there is a visual for you.  He provides a profile of the real estate agent niche along with some agent and broker benchmarks.  He also gives you their pain points and some recommended books to read that will help you better understand the real estate niche.

Bonus for this month is Jassen’s Lead Magnet Example of “8 Tips for Realtors to Generate Income During COVID-19 Crisis”


July 2020

This mid-summer classic is the referral issue.  Dan goes into detail on how to use referral groups to generate good referrals for your tax practice.  In his Celebrity Tax Pro Corner, Dan gives tips on how to be a resource for people and how that brings you referrals.

Jassen goes to the dark side (in a good way) to tell you a little known secret on generating referrals and creating a proactive referral strategy.  He discusses the follow-up call, providing free gifts, using a survey for referrals and finding your business partners.

The special letter this month is Jassen’s Thank you letters.  He likes you so much that he provides 3 different letters for you to use.


August 2020

This is the Dan issue. 90% of this issue for back to school is all about Employment.  How to hire staff, where to look for them, different ideas on making sure you get the right person before you hire them and finally using incentives to hire (and keep) your employees.  Dan even gives you a sample onboarding procedure for the first week of your new employees’ first days on the job and what they should be doing.

Checklist of the Months is some new Job Descriptions for you to swipe and deploy (We call S&D).  The Tax Return Preparer and Licensed Tax Professional

The Bonus checklists are the Best Phone Interview Questions, Best Virtual/Live Interview Questions and the European Job Interview Model.


September 2020

Niche industry analysis issue: Restaurants. This entire issue is focused solely on the single location, full service restaurant industry and the services that you, as an accountant, can provide them. We cover industry benchmarks, the long-term impact of COVID-19 on the industry, the specific pain points that you can help them with, and a special section on the advisory opportunities that are available to you when serving this niche.

Also provided is a recommended reading list to help you learn more and become well versed in the needs of this industry, plus tips on marketing your services to restaurant owners.


October 2020

The 32-page monster issue on marketing your services via webinars to consumers. This issue provides in-depth advice for creating a webinar that successfully sells professional services. Dan covers how to select your webinar platform, the art of one-to-many selling, and tips for creating a great presentation.

Jassen then delves into exactly how to promote your webinar for maximum reach and effectiveness. Included in this issue are Jassen’s infamous webinar marketing funnel diagram, worksheets for helping you to create your actual presentation, and a sample press release to help you get registrations to your webinar.

If you’re looking to sell your services virtually / remotely, especially during the new reality of doing things during COVID-19, this is an issue that you MUST have in your reference library.


November 2020

Once a year or so, we like to do an issue that focuses on systems. This is the latest issue covering this important topic. Dan goes into significant detail on how to create your practice management systems, including what to systemize and exactly how to go about doing it. We also cover what marketing systems you’ll want to have in place in order to predictably generate new revenue.

Jassen goes off the deep on regarding three critical aspects of systemization: Elimination, Automation, and Delegation (the other “tions”). Identify what to automate and delegate, and put a system in place for continuous improvement.

Lastly, Jassen provides an example Automation/Delegation process to help you eliminate manual 1040 return preparation from your business, including an automation checklist and review of several vendors, to help you get this task off your plate so that you can focus your time on higher dollar services.

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