Pre-Season Tax Marketing Webcast

1040 Marketing with Dan Henn, CPA

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1040 Marketing Presentation Slides
January Client Letter To Start Tax Season
Business Card – Real Estate Report Offer
Real Estate Agent Deductions Booklet
Rotary Club Tax Update
Special Report – Dentists
2015 Client Return Document List
Happy Client Feedback Form
Realtor Tax Issues Report
Silly Mistakes Report

1120S Marketing Handouts from Jassen Bowman, EA

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1120S Toolkit Slides

Materials for marketing the Profit Margin Improvement Program. It’s simply an expense reduction consultation, dressed up in a designer outfit with shiny shoes.

Not familiar with “expense reduction consulting”? It’s actually an industry-within-an-industry. Consultants/accountants sometimes do nothing but this, and charge a percentage of what they save large companies. It can be very, very lucrative as a specialist service, much like tax resolution. The guide I’ve used for the past couple years is this book. It’s not a very entertaining book to read, by any means, but it’s very thorough. There are others that Amazon will display in their “suggested” grid, so perhaps check out a few of them.

2015 Client Success Lead Gen Letter – This is a business services prospecting letter. Send this to established local businesses to generate leads for bookkeeping, payroll, HR-related, 1065/1120 prep, etc.

2015 Endorsed Mailing Proposal – Use this letter to find other local B2B service providers to joint venture with. The idea here is that you get to tap into their customer lists, while being endorsed by them. This is good for sending to attorneys, commercial loan officers, commercial real estate agents, credit card merchant account providers, commercial banks, etc.

2015 Endorsed Mailing Sample Letter – This is the letter sent FROM the person/business endorsing you. Invest the time to customize this heavily for each business partner that is doing an endorsed mailing for you.

Local Seminar Invitation Letter – Use a variation on this to invite local business owners to a seminar. I’ll be using variation on this theme to run general expense reduction & basic marketing seminars, plus real estate seminars. To increase tax resolution referral business, this will also be the type of letter I send to local unenrolled return preparers, EAs, and CPAs for holding seminars geared towards them (most likely offering free or dirt cheap CPE). Can also configure this as a dinner meeting invitation, an extremely popular and successful tactic in the financial planning and elder law arenas.

Simple Display Ad – Free Report Offer – This is a very simple lead generation display ad for use in inexpensive little print publications. Around here, the Coffee News publication is quite popular (this and/or Tidbits is available in most American communities). I also want to appear in little things like the local community theater programs, hockey programs at the rink (I can almost squeeze this offer onto their “sponsor a puck” program), marina newsletters, etc. I expect very little business from these efforts, but they tend to be very cheap and can be used to generate positive PR.

Proposal Letter To Become “Resident Tax Expert” – Offer to become the “Resident Tax Expert” to local associations, organizations, credit unions, etc. Getting your foot in the door at local Realtor associations, Homebuilder Associations, veteran’s organizations, homeowner’s associations, large hobby organizations, etc., can be an incredible gateway to growth.