October issue of Tax Marketing Monthly now available

Lead generation should be the number one priority for every practitioner.

Unfortunately, most tax firms end up leaving this priority on the back burner because they get caught up in the minutiae of running their businesses, which is understandable.

This month’s issue of Tax Marketing Monthly presents an in-depth look at how to create an automated lead generation system. Systematizing and putting on auto-pilot all of your client and prospect relationship building, as well as cold list to warm lead prospecting, means that you will have a steady stream of new clients coming into your tax practice.

Also this month:

  • A guest article on the topic of getting sales DONE
  • My current “control” lead generation postcard
  • A simple yet effective lead capture web page (and why it works better than your web site)

This is our biggest issue of Tax Marketing Monthly yet – put this information to use in your practice immediately, and be prepared to have your best tax season ever.

Click here to access the October 2012 issue.

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