New tax practice domain and keyword selection [Video]

In last month’s post regarding keyword selection, I wrote about the importance of using proper keywords in your online content.

Today, you get to see a little bit of how I actually go about doing this.

Since showing something like that is probably far more valuable to you than trying to explain it in words, I actually made a video showing my process. It’s a quick (well, quick for a long-winded type like myself) look at how I look at my competitor’s keywords and web sites, do quick keyword research myself, and what I look for in domain names.

Here’s the YouTube video, it’s about 24 minutes long: [youtube][/youtube]

This is actually my very first step at launching a new, local tax preparation practice in Vancouver, WA. What you see here is unscripted — I did not look at any of this stuff prior to recording the video. So you get to see raw thought processes here, which might be slightly embarrassing for me, but most likely of greater interest to you than something completely polished, since I’m trying to demonstrate a process for something.

Let me know your thoughts on presenting in this format. If you like it, I’ll definitely do more of them this way.

Since this is the first peek at what I’ll be doing to market and build that brand new tax practice, I’ve made it fully public. However, many future pieces of the hands-on elements of doing this will be for premium members.