New marketing services added for you

Providing greater value to clients should always be the goal of any service provider. It’s not only a good idea for your tax practice, but also something you should expect of your service providers.

With that in mind, I recently embarked on a mission to bring you more value, and to help you save time and money on your accounting marketing.

All members will now have access to a greater variety of marketing tools and assistance. Depending upon your membership level, members will now receive:

  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Social media marketing content
  • Pre-written emails to send your clients and prospects
  • Press releases and blog posts to grow your web presence
  • Web site critiques
  • Complete setup and maintenance of a custom lead generation web site

In addition, only members receive my tax season marketing updates, showing them precisely what I’m doing for myself to start a new tax prep practice from scratch in a new city, including the exact marketing pieces I’m using for doing so.

Click here to review all the premium membership benefits.

There is also an obvious lesson here for application in your tax practice. Always be thinking about how you can create additional value for your tax and accounting clients. Additional services, such as tax resolution, investment management, tax planning, insurance services, etc. all can help you create greater value. Even simple things, such as referring your clients to other service providers for specialty needs, holding seminars with guest speakers, or just holding a family-friendly haunted house for Halloween are all great ways to help your clients.