Live, from studio KTAX…

If you didn’t attend Wednesday’s live teleconference call with Salim Omar, CPA, and the “renegade dentist” that’s revolutionizing small practice marketing, then you really missed out. I’m not sure if Salim is going to post a recording of that call, but if he does, I’ll be sure to pass along the link.

One of the things I’ll be doing for you over the course of the summer will be creating opportunities to engage with experts in a live format. This is something that has been requested quite frequently by readers, and that we’re working on implementing.

I want to briefly mention a live event that you shouldn’t miss out on. On May 31 and June 1, in New Orleans, Salim is hosting the 2013 Ultimate Practitioner Lifestyle Workshop. A number of marketing experts from the accounting and tax fields will be speaking, including myself, and it will be an incredible opportunity to spend two days laser focused on growing your firm. For complete details about the event, visit this page: Ultimate Practitioner Lifestyle Workshop. There is a significant discount for registering for this event by May 5.

Sometime in the next couple weeks, I’m going to have Salim on for a live conference call to discuss marketing strategies that literally turned his life around, so don’t miss that. I’ll be sending out an announcement in the next week about that.

I’d also like to point out that I am constantly learning new things, myself. I attribute a great deal of my success to the fact that I am always reading marketing books, attending webinars, studying courses, learning from my mentor, etc. It’s really a never ending thing for me, and there’s a valuable take away from that if you’re willing to embrace it.

Today’s Tax Marketing Tip
Last night, I was a conference call with a bunch of other marketers to discuss postcard marketing, which you probably know I’m a major fan of. On that call, I heard an amazing strategy that I’ve never tried, but will definitely be testing in my May mailings.

This is a strategy to increase response from postcards, and get more prospects into your follow up funnel. The purpose of a postcard is never to solicit your services directly, it’s simply to get them into your sales funnel: Nothing more, nothing less.

So here’s the change in the strategy. Normally, I put either a phone number or a web site onto the postcard. Phone numbers tend to garner a higher response. But one way to boost response is to take away the pressure of speaking to a real human being. I’ve used this before in real estate, a strategy I learned from my friend and mentor James Orr, which is to use a 24-hour recorded message to deliver a 3 to 5 minute explanation of the benefits you offer.

But here’s the twist on this I learned last night: In that 24 hour recorded message, outline the problem that you are offering a solution to. Discuss pitfalls of trying to resolve tax debts on your, mention the levies and wage garnishments, and that they need to be weary of unethical, unlicensed tax resolution sales people they may be talking to. Then, offer them a special report via email that addresses some or all of these concerns.

Collecting that email address is powerful. This allows you to send follow up marketing (via an autoresponder) until the end of time. This is, theoretically, a significant improvement over trying to collect email addresses via a web form, or trying to get people to commit to an appointment immediately over the phone. It’s less pressure on the prospect, and allows you to build a relationship with them over time.

Profound? Not really. It’s simply a tiny twist on an old tactic. The individual sharing this tactic on last night’s call has used this very successfully in the financial planning arena, so it should carry over quite well in the IRS representation service sector.

I’ll be creating a new postcard and setting up the phone tree next week. Of course, Premium members will have access to the postcard, the script, the first part of the email sequence, and the results of my testing.