It’s gut-check time

Over the course of the past two weeks, I’ve enjoyed having some great conversations with tax professionals across the United States that are DOING something to make their next tax season their best ever.

Our peers are out there putting themselves in the trenches. They are identifying their ideal clients based on analysis of their existing clientele. They’re buying mailing lists of prospects that match their ideal client demographics, and they’re getting letters and postcards out into the mail.

People are working on their web sites, building their Facebook pages, setting up email newsletters, and contacting tax prep clients that didn’t come back this year to get their 2011 return prepared.

Tax planning appointment books are starting to fill up, and believe it or not, some people are even already scheduling tax preparation appointments for February and March.

These folk are taking action to ensure that they have a solid tax season. They’re taking the action steps that are necessary to grow their practices and make more money.

What are you working on? What have you put into place to grow your tax season business?

If you haven’t started doing anything, then I have bad news for you: It’s gut check time.

Let’s face it. November is next week. The holidays are right around the corner — people’s attention is about to drastically shift away from year-end tax planning, and their attention is going to be there into January. You basically have less than two weeks to get people’s attention, so go. Now.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t interested in growing your tax practice. This implies that your revenues are lower than you’d like. You’re either going to do something about it, or you’re not. The choice is yours, and the time to make it is right now.