How Will You Live the Remainder of Your Life?

This Tuesday, May 7th, I’m hosting a special teleseminar with my friend: Salim Omar, CPA on…

“How Renegade Practitioners Succeed in Tough Times”

This is a very IMPORTANT subject because in these “changing” times, you need to be asking yourself…”how will I live the remainder of my life”. How will you conduct your practice: independently, in control, or controlled; as master or slave.

Salim is one of the few practitioners I know that practices in total autonomy. His income and lifestyle are NOT dependent on any outside forces (economy, location, etc) and are mainly determined by the systems and strategies he uses in his practice. What are they?

You need to be on this call to find out.

Date: Tuesday, May 7th, 2013
Time: 12 Noon (EST)
Registration link: Click here to register.

Lines are limited. Be sure you call in at least 10 minutes in advance because it will be a FULL house.