IDEAL™ Practice Profiles™

Create Your IDEAL™ Tax Practice With Pre-Designed Client Profiles, Marketing Matrices, Service Offerings, and More — All In A Convenient Blueprint


From the desk of Jassen Bowman

Working only with ideal clients has definitely become a common theme for me over the past two years. I’m doing this in my own practice to an almost ridiculous extent, and I’ve been more and more vocal in regards to you doing it, as well.

Last summer, I even created the Ideal Client Profile Exercise to help you determine what your ideal client looks like, and thus help you better target your marketing towards finding those ideal clients.

Over this last winter, I focused on providing you with resources and tools in response to the top ten most frequently asked questions I have received throughout the year. Rounding out that top ten list is the question of how to apply the ideal client profile to your actual practice, what kinds of marketing to do to find those specific clients, and somewhat broader questions regarding the structuring of service offerings and even your office environment to facilitate practice growth.

I’ve always addressed these questions on a one-on-one basis, but it occurred to me recently that countless other tax professionals had the same questions, but weren’t asking them (this is fairly common in any setting).

While mulling over how to address these complicated questions in a broader way, the answer actually came to me from a recipe book for making various juices and smoothies (I’m trying to eat healthier and lose a bunch of weight right now).

What I noticed was that, from a big picture, each recipe had an ideal end goal: Create something you can drink.

Each recipe also shares many of the same common ingredients, perhaps just in different proportions. As a simple example, if you juice six clementines and two cucumbers together, you get a very different tasting juice mix than if you juice six cucumbers and two clementines (the six clementines and two cucumbers is much tastier, by the way!).

I realized that the same holds true for a business.

Today I’d like to introduce a radical new concept: IDEAL™ Practice Profiles™.

Yes, I loved this idea so much that I trademarked two things in the same phrase.

What is the IDEAL™ tax practice? An IDEAL™ tax practice provides:

Independence: Your business exists at your whim, not the other way around. You achieve independence in your business by leveraging systems, staff, and capital.

Dependable income: You obviously want your business to provide for the needs and wants of you and your family.

Equity growth: No matter what your planned exit strategy is, you want the market value of your company to grow over time. You want your business to itself be a valuable asset, even without you there.

Accomplishment: You want to take pride in what you do. Your business should deliver a strong sense of accomplishment. Otherwise, the motivation to grow the business quickly wanes. Besides, what’s the point of going to work every day if you don’t feel like you’re accomplishing anything?

Lifetime Customer Value: A big part of your business strategy should be to maximize the Lifetime Customer Value of your clients. You want clients that stick with you for life, utilize all the services you choose to offer, and refer other good clients.

So what exactly is an IDEAL™ Practice Profile™? Each profile is a blueprint comprised of building blocks that, when assembled together in your actual business, create an IDEAL™ tax practice that meets a specific end goal. Each Profile shows you the pieces that should be in place in order to have a specific type of functional tax practice.

My goal for each Profile, based on a stated objective, is to provide you with a template that covers items such:

  • What staff members you need in place.
  • Specific marketing media to use.
  • Target market info, such as demographic criteria, for finding ideal clients.
  • The types of systems that you’ll need in place to achieve the practice objective.

Each profile will be as complete as I can possibly make it, and it will be added to over time. These will be “living documents”,

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