How to Have Your Best Tax Prep Season Ever in 2021

For many years, my rallying cry has been “no more filing season”.

Yep, I’m one of the people that goes against the grain, and reminds you that there are other things you can be doing with your time other than grinding through tax season.

Personally, I chose to completely eschew tax season when I was in practice, and focused solely on tax resolution. Full time, year-round, nothing else.

That’s my personal philosophy about it. But, I’m a very pragmatic person, and I totally understand that such a message just isn’t going to resonate with the majority of tax professionals. For many in our profession, filing season is just so heavily ingrained into their psyche, that they can’t fathom NOT participating in filing season — and just never going to change that.

I totally understand that.

So, this year, I’m going to take a different angle on this: If you’re going to “do” filing season, choose to do it better.

Plenty of tax professionals have easy-going filing seasons. They work 40 hours a week or less, not 90. They don’t miss their kids’ events. Their marriage doesn’t suffer for 3 months a year. And they still generate plenty of income.

Fairy tale? Not at all.

Since this isn’t at all my area of expertise, I’ve arranged with my good friend Salim Omar, CPA to share with you his amazing system for creating genuinely ENJOYABLE filing seasons in your tax firm.

Salim is well versed in what it’s like to have miserable filing seasons, but several years ago he made specific choices to totally turn around his tax firm. It really is fascinating to read how about Salim got from where he was (which included being up to his eyeballs in debt), to where he was running a smooth, systematic tax prep business. You can read about this transformation by clicking here.

Consider, for a moment, what your life would be like if you had a tax firm that:

  • Runs like a well-oiled machine WITHOUT YOU.
  • Pumps out profits during tax season like never before without you working like an insane person.
  • Attracts the clients YOU want (not just “more clients”).
  • Has more self-driven, competent, confident staff (with very little babysitting from you).
  • Easily gets clients SAYING YES to your services, regardless of the fees.
  • Has clients that refer, so that you’re not wasting time and money on advertising.
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You have an AMAZING opportunity in front of you, starting right now in 2021, to transform your tax practice into the kind of business you actually want to run…plus provides all the income you want AND insulating you from whatever your competition is doing.

This is the exact same system that Salim and other six and seven-figure tax pros all over the country rely on.

If you want to systemize the tax prep side of your practice, so that you can leverage YOUR time into doing more fun things or delivering higher-dollar services, you really need to check this out. The thing is — the window to get it is only until this Friday. That’s Jan. 15.

After that, Salim will be closing the doors on access to this program for 2021.

To learn more, clicky-clicky:

Click Here Now

To your success in 2021,


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