Have you automated your social media tax marketing?

First, you should know that Salim Omar, CPA announced over the weekend that the upcoming Renegade Millionaire CPA workshop being held May 31 – June 1 in New Orleans, at which I’ll be speaking about collections representation marketing, is about 3/4 sold out.

Tickets are still available, and they are half off the regular price (until this coming Sunday). For only $497, you can gather with a group of leading CPA’s and marketers in order to really supercharge your business. This is a very unique seminar, where the leading minds in the practice growth arena get together to show you how it’s really done.

For all the details, including the lineup of speakers, visit the registration page: http://cpamarketinggenius.com/renegade.php.

Next, a quick tip for your social media marketing. For Premium members we provide social media content for you to use in your own marketing efforts. But did you know you can use a tool like HootSuite.com to automatically send out tweets, Facebook posts, and updates to several other social media sites?

HootSuite is a wonderful tool, and the best part is that their free version is just fine. You already know that, in general, I’m not a massive user of social media. However, I recognize that it’s important for me to participate. Therefore, my Twitter and Facebook presence is based entirely on using automated tools. You just load up HootSuite with your month’s worth of posts (or more!) and they just go out on schedule.

I also use WordPress plugins such as Wordbooker and Tweet Old Posts in order to auto-update Twitter and Facebook with links to blog posts.

I’d highly encourage the use of this strategy, but don’t forget to manually monitor your social media account for people responding, so that you can engage them and help move them forward towards becoming clients.