Getting tax clients from Craigslist

There are hundreds of different ways to market your tax practice, both online and off. Some of these methods are time consuming, some are not. Some will bring in a lion’s share of your clients, some will bring in the occasional client.

Craigslist is one of those things that brings in just the occasional client. Craigslist is also one of those things that takes very little time. In fact, your entire Craigslist marketing strategy need only take about 30 seconds per week…literally. However, Craigslist should absolutely be part of the online marketing strategy for your firm.

People spend a lot of time on Craigslist. In fact, Craigslist is the 7th most popular web site in America, and people spend quite a bit of time on Craigslist when they go there. People don’t even necessarily go to Craigslist looking for anything in particular. Numerous visitors are just there to browse.

By posting your services once or twice per week in the appropriate category (usually “legal services” or “financial services” for us), you’re spending less than one minute per week performing a task that can bring you clients. Craigslist works great for tax preparation during tax season, of course, and you should be particularly vigilant during this time of year to make sure your ads stay up.

However, Craigslist can also work for getting tax resolution clients. In fact, the largest single tax resolution fee I’ve ever personally generated came in as a response to a Craigslist ad I had posted. Yes, a Craigslist ad generated a $25,000 client. That one client alone will forever make it worthwhile for me to continue posting on Craigslist.

Here’s the real beauty of Craigslist ads: You don’t have to re-write them over and over. You can post your Craigslist ad once, and then go into your account once per week and simply repost it. This literally takes just seconds, and you don’t even have to do it yourself. It makes significant sense to actually have another staff member perform this task.

Keeping up different Craigslist ads for all of your different services, in all of the relevant categories, is highly suggested. Craigslist lets you post the same thing in the same category once every three days — keep those ads up, at all times, and count this as part of your weekly marketing responsibilities.