Download Page: The World’s Greatest Bookkeeper Marketing Course

This course consists of 5 distinct modules. It is highly suggested that you go through each module in order.

Since different people like to learn in different ways, the course is presented in multiple formats. You will get the most out of the course if you watch the video presentation, as it includes the PowerPoint slides in sync with James Orr’s audio presentation. The audio tracks are also available in MP3 format for easy listening in the car or on your MP3 player, and the PowerPoint slides are included as printable PDF files. Lastly, a complete written transcription of the audio tracks are included if you would prefer to read them.

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Webinar Videos

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MP3 Audio Files

PowerPoint Slides (PDF Format)

  • Module 1

  • Module 2

  • Module 3

  • Module 4

  • Module 5
  • Complete Written Transcripts

  • Module 1a

  • Module 1b

  • Module 2a

  • Module 2b

  • Module 3a

  • Module 3b

  • Module 4a

  • Module 4b

  • Module 5a

  • Module 5b
  • Bonus Downloads