Do this right now for a more profitable tax firm

There is a weird, parallel universe in which I half-heartedly live.

It’s a world that I dip in and out of. A place I don’t really belong in, but that I occasionally extract good ideas from.

It’s the world of “gurus”, “information marketers”, “authors”, “coaches”, and other words that I would also place in quotation marks.

One of the most common refrains in that universe is that, in order to be successful, you must give people the HOW but not the WHAT.

In other words, you have to tease everybody with the big secret, but not *actually* reveal how to execute upon it until they’re giving you bazillions of dollars.


I’ve never been able to embrace that. Just can’t do it.

Sure, I can write sales copy. And yes, I obviously sell courses, seminars, books, group coaching, etc.

But deep down inside, I’ll never stray that far from my nuclear power roots. That Standard Operating Procedure piece of me will just never go away.

Why am I bringing this up? Because a newsletter for authors/speakers that I was reading yesterday was, for the millionth time, reminding members to “sell not tell”, extol the sizzle but not provide the steak.

So, what I’m supposed to be doing in this email is giving you a bunch of hints at the thing I think you should right now to be more profitable. Maybe say something like, “Sean did this one thing, and he made an extra $150,000!”

While that would be a true statement, Sean DID do this one thing and made an extra six figures, but I’m not going to foreshadow it and then leave you hanging. Nope, not how I roll. I’m here to give you the actionable advice. “Pragmatic” is the word I use way too much to describe how I prefer to operate.

So what is the super-secret, super-special, super-awesome magic sauce? What is the thing you should do RIGHT NOW in order to have a more profitable tax firm?

It’s really, really simple, actually. Ready for it?

Do this: Create recurring appointments on your calendar of at least 30 minutes as dedicated marketing time.

That’s it.

This is the first step towards becoming a greater you. This is the giant leap towards incredible financial success in your business.

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If you literally make no other changes in how you run your business, do this. Set aside dedicated, calendared appointment time with yourself. A minimum of 30 minutes. At least once a week. Do this one thing, and you’ll be doing more marketing than 90% of your competition.

If you can set aside an hour, even better.

If you can set aside three hours, you’ll be a rock star.

Do it more than one day per week, and you’ll become straight up wealthy.

But for right now, open your appointment calendar, pick a day, and set aside 30 to 60 minutes *minimum* each week to focus on marketing. Use whatever color code, tag, or other element you use for client appointments — because it needs to be treated with the same urgency and respect as a client appointment. If you have staff, they need to know that this is time during which you are NOT AVAILABLE — period. Unless the building is burning down, this is sacred time. This is the time where you make new money. It shall not be interrupted unless it’s a REAL emergency.

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