30-Day Tax Firm Marketing Challenge: Day 6

Happy Saturday!

Oh, you thought this was a Monday through Friday gig? Nay, nay!

As Robin Reed, EA pointed out in the Facebook group when I asked members if they wanted weekend challenges or not, “If you stop the process before the habit is fully formed then the end result is that you will probably not make it a habit.”

She’s absolutely right, of course. So we’re going to all grunt through this together, as originally planned. You’re developing a marketing habit, and it’s helping me with my writing focus, so we all win. I will promise this, however: The weekend challenges will be short and sweet.

Let’s rock ‘n’ roll…


Online Marketing

Join a LinkedIn or Facebook group frequented by your target market.
Estimated Time: 30 seconds

Way too many service professionals spend too much time with their colleagues online. We all need to keep up on our technical skills, of course, and online discussion groups are great for this. However, you should spend the majority of your online time, especially on social media, interacting with your target market.

For example, is your target market professional engineers? As in, licensed PE’s that work on public works projects, structural engineers, etc. Many of these people are self-employed or work in small firms. Well, join LinkedIn discussion groups for engineers, and make sure to chip in for any business, tax, or accounting questions that come up.

Is your target market real estate agents? These folks tend to huddle on Facebook groups more so than LinkedIn groups. Join those groups. Answer tax questions, provide tax resources.

So that’s your challenge for today, and it should take you less than a minute: Search for a group, click “Join”, and make sure you click the box that makes new threads appear in your news feed. Voila, done!


Offline Marketing

Join a real life group frequented by your target market.
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

This challenge might sound like I’m just phoning it in, because it’s basically the same thing as the online marketing challenge for today. But bear with me.

Most professional organizations have some form of associate membership for those outside the profession. For example, I’m not a CPA, but I can join AICPA as a non-CPA associate member and then join the tax section.

Your local Board of Realtors, Homebuilders’ Association, and other such groups are likely to have similar provisions. Also consider your Chamber of Commerce, American Business Women’s Association, yacht club, etc.

So find a local group that services your target market, and join. Become active. Network. Get referrals while making friends and building a better community.


Practice Management

Go do something fun.
Estimated Time: Most of the weekend.

OK, now I’m really phoning it in!

I hate to admit the fact that I no longer do any of the things that I really enjoyed doing. I live on a narrow peninsula, less than a mile from the water in three different directions. But I haven’t sailed in two years. I purposefully bought a house within walking distance to an ice rink, but I haven’t skated in well over a year. I haven’t been to the range at all in 2016. And probably worst of all, I haven’t left the United States in over two years (Canada doesn’t count, since I can take a ferry).

You just slogged through both the Sep 15 and Oct 15 extension deadlines. Some readers are about to face the stress of completing 40 hours of CPE (or more!) before December 31. We’ve got the anxiety of the holidays fast approaching. Not to mention the fact that you need to be starting your filing season marketing right now.

So this weekend, go chillax for a bit. Turn off your phone, don’t check email, leave the tablet at home. Go fishing. Or ballroom dancing. Or skateboarding. Take your significant other out for a surprise date night. Go do something with the kids. Kick back with a relaxing beverage and read a fiction book just for fun.

Do something you enjoy, and get out of the tax world for at least a few hours. Rest, relax, and recharge. Your business and clients will still be there tomorrow.