30-Day Tax Firm Challenge: Day 23

Today’s challenges are centered on a theme: Don’t accept things for how they’re presented on the surface.

A job posting is really a cry for help. Prices are never fixed. Money isn’t the only medium of exchange.

Try viewing the world through an altered lens. There is a world of opportunity hidden beneath what we’re actually presented with as fixed reality every day. I don’t mean along the lines of The Matrix, per se. But by shifting your perspective just a tiny bit, you can uncover unique marketing opportunities, revenue opportunities, and cost savings.

To the challenges…


Online Marketing

Search job postings online for businesses seeking bookkeeping/comptroller/CFO staff.
Estimated Time: 1 hour

Do you offer bookkeeping services? Turnkey “outsourced CFO” type services?

As small businesses grow into medium sized businesses, they often bring their accounting services in-house. That means hiring bookkeeping staff, comptrollers, even formal CFOs once they reach a certain size.

Doesn’t it make more financial sense for these companies to delay bringing all that in-house for as long as possible?

Can you offer a high level of service to one or four such companies?

Hop on the local job boards, classified sites, Craigslist, Monster, Indeed, etc. Do searches for “bookkeeper”, “accountant”, “comptroller”, “accounts receivable/accounts payable”, and the like. Identify companies that are looking for these specific types of position that correspond best to your own skill set. Make a list of these companies and what they’re hiring for.

Next, head on over to LinkedIn or local business journal “Book of Lists”. Look up how big these companies are, in terms of revenue and employees. Ideally, you’re looking for companies that are big enough to have substantial needs, but don’t really need a full time person. You want companies that are on the cusp of being able to squeak by with Xero or QuickBooks on their own and not being able to.

Find these companies that are hiring, and contact the owner or management. Contact them several times. Get in the door. Sell yourself and the savings your provide over a full-time employee.


Offline Marketing

Call local business journal and newspapers to inquire about remainder space.
Estimated Time: 30 minutes

I used to sell newspaper advertising for a monthly direct mail newspaper. It was my second sales job (the first one was selling holes in the ground).

The closer we got to deadline every month, the more I was allowed to discount ad rates to new advertisers just to fill the space. Once a magazine or newspaper goes to press, the unsold ad space becomes worthless.

Reach out to the local print publications that serve your target market. Find out when they go to print (we’re obviously not talking about your daily newspaper here). Don’t ask to talk to an ad rep, just talk to reception or whomever is available. That person should be able to tell you or find out when they do their print run and the next issue goes out.

Subtract three days from that date and add it to your calendar. Call back on that date and speak to ad rep to inquire about remainder space.


Practice Management

Determine what marketing services you might be able to barter for.
Estimated Time: 30-60 minutes

Your services are incredibly valuable.

In fact, your services are among the most necessary and valuable in the entire business world. No business or working person can function without what you do.

The best thing yet: Every other business person knows and recognizes that value.

There is profound leverage in that value. Let’s use it!

Throughout these challenges over the past three weeks, we’ve discussed many different marketing services that your business needs. There’s printing, telemarketing, direct mail, editing, copywriting, web development, graphic design, advertising space, radio time, consulting… And on and on.

These services have value to you. Your services are valuable to them. Reach out and barter for dollar-for-dollar trades.