30-Day Tax Firm Challenge: Day 22

You may have noticed that I messed up again yesterday.

That makes two days that I wasn’t able to stick to the challenge schedule.

This, that, and the other came up, and, well… I just didn’t get around to writing this.

The main culprit? I didn’t have it time blocked. Tsk tsk, Jassen. Tsk.

So I’m in catchup mode, but we’re in the home stretch. Here are your Day 22 challenges…


Online Marketing

Send direct emails to 5 of your cold prospects.
Estimated time: 30 minutes

By now, you should have defined your perfect client, your USP, and best benefits for doing business.

Now, I want you to clearly identify FIVE of the exact type of individuals or businesses that constitute your best client. As in, five specific people or companies.

Whomever they are, find them. Look online (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc). People and businesses are pretty easy to find these days. Identify them by name. And find their email addresses. Again, not that hard to do these days.

Then, email them. Just introduce yourself, invite them to grab a coffee or lunch just to meet and see if their might be any synergy in working together.

Easiest marketing challenge ever. 🙂


Offline Marketing

Change your voicemail message.
Estimated time: 3 minutes

When was the last time you listened to what your own voicemail message says?

Have you ever given consideration to using it as a marketing opportunity?

Today, change your outgoing voicemail message to something that includes an offer. Remind people to schedule their tax prep appointment, send them to your web site to download a lead magnet, or invite them to leave contact information to get mailed a copy of your book, etc.

And while you’re add it, put something on your calendar for January to change it again for something related to tax season.

Will this make a massive difference in your practice? Of course not. But it’s one more way to possibly capture a lead that could turn into a client. It’s these little things that turn into big things.


Practice Management

Survey your clients.
Estimated time: 1 to 3 hours

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to improve things in your practice if you don’t know what’s wrong.

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A lot of practitioners simply assume that everything in their business is hunky dory unless or until somebody says otherwise. Unfortunately, this puts you in the position of being reactive instead of proactive.

So, let’s do some research. Create a survey — either on paper or using an online service like Survey Monkey (it’s free) — and send it to all your clients.

A quick Google search for “example customer satisfaction survey” will yield a bonanza of example questions for you. If you use Survey Monkey, their system will actually give you suggestions for questions to ask.

What you want to know are things such as what clients like about your service, what they feel could be improved upon, and whether they would refer you to their friends. Be open to constructive criticism.

Also, go with open ended questions for the most part. Let people write their own answers, in their own words. This gives you a better idea of what people are thinking about, although they are harder to analyze than yes/no or ranking questions.

Use the insights from this client survey to help you improve your business overall. Plus, there might be some marketing gold in there: Those people that said they would refer you to their friends. Be sure to follow up and ask for those referrals!