Where’s my CPE Certificate of Completion?

If you have not received your Certificate of Completion within one week of a CPE webinar that we present, please make note of the following:

1). If you met all the requirements for course completion, the Certificate of Complete was emailed to the email address that you registered for the webinar with. Be sure to check your spam folder.

2). In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, you must stay logged in to the webinar for at least 50 minutes AND answer all three polling questions. If you did not do these things, then no Certificate of Completion will be generated.

By far the most common reason for not receiving a Certificate of Completion for a webinar is because the GoToWebinar system did not receive a response for a prompted polling question. A response must be logged by the system in order to verify your attendance. This is an IRS and state rule that we must adhere to without exception.

If you forget to submit an answer, or there is an issue with your Internet connection that causes your response to not get logged, then you will not receive a Certificate of Completion. This is true for any webinar provider, not just us. Every webinar, this seems to impact one or two people unfortunately, but we must abide by the attendance tracking regulations.

Note About IRS CE Reporting

Yes, we report your CE hours directly to the IRS PTIN tracking system. This is required of all CE providers. We normally report on a quarterly basis since we are a low volume CE provider.