Comprehensive Bookkeeper Marketing Course Now Available

My friend James Orr loves all things marketing. It’s what he’s been doing his entire career. He even dropped out of Tulane University to focus on his marketing business, that’s how passionate he is about marketing.

Last year, he created a marketing course geared specifically towards bookkeepers that he never actually put out there for sale. It’s a comprehensive course covering every aspect of lead generation and prospect nurturing. The material applies equally well to accounting and tax professionals, not just bookkeepers.

James is working with me to create an updated version of this course tailored specifically to tax professionals that will retail for close to $1,000, but with retreat season upon us, I wanted to make sure we had something like this available right away. So, I convinced James to not only let me offer this course to everybody, but also to knock a couple hundred bucks off his original asking price.

“The World’s Greatest Bookkeeper Marketing Course” is available now in our web store. For full details about this what this program can do for your business, visit the course information page here.