Event-based marketing to grow your warm list

In the past, we’ve talked extensively about the importance of marketing most heavily to your warm prospect list (your “met database”). Your warm list contains the most qualified prospects that you have, and long-term follow up marketing to this list is really the valuable marketing you can do.

But what if you don’t have such an active prospect list?

All lead generation marketing is designed to answer this question. This blog, as well as most of our advanced courses, primarily focus on methods for converting cold lists into warm prospects, and then nurturing those prospects over time. This entire concept is sort of our “thing” around here.

Today, I want to introduce you to a unique strategy that we haven’t really discussed much, and give you an entire blueprint for putting it into action. This is going to be a long, but highly action oriented, article, so grab your favorite beverage and snuggle up to the computer screen for a few minutes.

The Power of an Event

People love events. It’s something inherent in the American culture, I think. We love BBQ’s, tailgate parties, birthday parties, our seasonal holidays — pretty much any reason to get together. Corporate cultures love their meetings, and the seminar industry just as big as ever, despite the economic downturn. Webinars are just as popular, and growing every day.

An event brings people together for a common reason. At an event, even if it’s full of complete strangers, there is usually something that ties everybody together. That reason might be an interest in growing their businesses, securing their financial futures, a passion for the a sports team, or their kids all play soccer together. Think about the last time you attended a seminar or industry conference, why you went, and what you got out of it. Those are the reasons people attend events.

Events are more than just an excuse to get together, however. Events are an opportunity for us to learn, grow, and achieve. Holding regular events is a powerful way to solidify your relationship with prospects. Your events can help people in numerous ways, not just via the tax and accounting services you offer.

What kind of events am I talking about? The occasional client appreciation party is a good one, yes, but more specifically I’m referring to educational events. Monthly seminars on various financial topics, from real estate and mortgages to asset protection and wealth management. … Continue reading

October issue of Tax Marketing Monthly now available

Lead generation should be the number one priority for every practitioner.

Unfortunately, most tax firms end up leaving this priority on the back burner because they get caught up in the minutiae of running their businesses, which is understandable.

This month’s issue of Tax Marketing Monthly presents an in-depth look at how to create an automated lead generation system. Systematizing and putting on auto-pilot all of your client and prospect relationship building, as well as cold list to warm lead prospecting, means that you will have a steady stream of new clients coming into your tax practice.

Also this month:

  • A guest article on the topic of getting sales DONE
  • My current “control” lead generation postcard
  • A simple yet effective lead capture web page (and why it works better than your web site)

This is our biggest issue of Tax Marketing Monthly yet – put this information to use in your practice immediately, and be prepared to have your best tax season ever.

Click here to access the October 2012 issue.

Note: The current issue, as well as all back issues, of Tax Marketing Monthly, is available only to subscribers. For subscription information and pricing, please see the membership benefits & pricing page.… Continue reading

September 2012 issue of Tax Marketing Monthly posted

For all premium subscribers, the September 2012 issue of Tax Marketing Monthly is available.

In this month’s issue, I went a little overboard on the direct mail article. It’s quite lengthy, so be sure to take the time to thoroughly chew on it. In that article, I examine three different ways to double or triple your direct mail response rates, as well as provide valuable information from that last two months of direct mail testing that I’m doing for myself and for the direct mail lead generation test group members. After not doing any direct mail for myself in nearly a year, I have been reminded of the importance of constantly testing your marketing, and to always be learning new things.

Also in this issue, you’ll see a discussion regarding using Facebook pages for marketing your firm, and how to use the monthly “Done For You” client newsletter for best results.

Lastly, this issue comes with what has now become my “control” piece for direct mail, replacing a plain white 4.25 x 6 inch small postcard that I have been using off and on for nearly four years as my “old standby” when marketing for tax resolution clients. This letter is markedly different, uses methods discussed in this month’s direct mail feature article for boosting response rates, and is hitting just under the holy grail of direct mail: the coveted 2% response rate.

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Tomorrow, I’ll be making a major announcement that will be of interest to anybody that participates in the annual tax return preparation season, so be sure to check your email tomorrow for that (and no, it’s NOT a new tax prep marketing course — that won’t be out until December).… Continue reading