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“I strongly encourage you to grab yourself your favorite beverage, get comfortable in your favorite chair and DEVOUR this letter… it is that IMPORTANT. Then STUDY it to see how it will work for you and your business.”

From: James Orr
Sunday, 3:03 P.M.

Dear Bookkeeper:

Maybe this sounds familiar to you (I hope it doesn’t): you market to find your next client then stop your marketing once you find one. You do a great job and finish the work. Only to discover you’re out of work and need to start your marketing up again to find your next client.

Aren’t You Tired Of Feast and Famine Cycles Of Work and No Work?

If you’re like most people I’ve talked to and worked with, you probably do a great job working and providing valuable service to your clients and should be getting more referrals, but you still find yourself in the vicious feast and famine cycle where you do some marketing to find prospects, provide outstanding service to those clients only to find you need to start your marketing up again to find new clients afterwards.

Or, maybe you’ve tried some advertising only to find that it performs poorly or—even worse—not at all. There’s got to be an easier way… and there is.

  • How would you like to stop throwing away your advertising dollars?
  • How would you like to hold your marketing ruthlessly accountable for producing measurable results every time?
  • How would you like to recoup some, all or even more than you initially invested of your marketing dollars even BEFORE you even try to convert a prospect to a client?
  • How would you like to use hands-off, automated tools to pre-sell working with you to your prospects before you ever talk to them?

All your marketing frustrations begone! All these amazing benefits plus many additional ones are availabe right now with the world’s greatest marketing system I use and teach.

How I Can Help You Make More Money, More Consistently

My name is James Orr. You’ve probably heard of me if you’ve bought any leads in any of 1,200 industries. I am known as the six figure lead generation guy because I have started multiple businesses that generated leads where the process of lead generation (even before they were sold as leads or converted to clients) was producing more than six figures in revenue.

For the last decade my primary focus has been lead generation and I’m the nation’s foremost expert on lead generation systems—especially automated lead generation systems. I am probably most sought after for my automated lead generation systems that actually put money in your pocket when you are generating the leads.

I know and personally guarantee that you too will be in awe at the practical power of my little known yet proven strategies and systems to take any business from stuggling or average to sustained, systematized and amazing success quicker than you dreamed possible.

If you act quickly, you can put my “proven systems” to work for YOU now risk-free.

Basics Of My System

My entire lead generation model consists of three primary components that results in more than enough business. Let’s look at each of the three.

First we have an automated lead generation system

This powerful, multi-redundancy lead generation system consistently and reliably—like a network of tiny streams that end up at the sea—provides a variety of sources of new prospective leads into your business.

Many business owners get caught in this step (even I’ve been guilty of it), but focusing on lead generation for over 1,200 industries taught me the exact steps for setting this up in an automated way using low and zero cost tools that you setup and virtually forget about it. If one of these automated streams of leads dries up or stops producing at the level you need (which can happen from time to time), we simply setup one or two more to replace it.

The key point to remember is that you’re not relying on a single source of all your leads which is extremely dangerous… never, ever bet your livlihood and your family’s well being on a single source of leads. You want several separate, unrelated sources of automatic leads coming into your marketing funnel.

Second we have an automated follow up and pre-sell system.

Do you like rejection and trying to convince someone—someone who is dead-set against working with you—that they need to hire you? If you do, you probably also like banging your head against concrete walls and I’ll be little help to you. But, if you like the idea of having prospective clients “raising their hands” to tell you they are interested and then—using systems and automated tools—repeat to them all the wonderful benefits of working with you… effectively pre-selling them in advance of ever talking with you, then the system I use will make you rub your hands together in excitement because that is exactly what I use and teach.

Third we have an automated referral stimulating system.

This is the system that you’ve been missing if you are wondering why you’re not getting the referrals that go along with quality work for your clients. Implementing this one system and you’ll see a flood of referral business pouring in and wreaking havoc with your work schedule. It’s like having an army of unpaid, rabidly enthuisiastic sales people out shamelessly promoting you and your business. Plus, since this is tightly integrated into the highly systematized, outsourcable and automated core of our system you don’t have to think about it and better yet you don’t have to carve out extra hours every single day to implement it.

These three super powerful components combine into what can easily be described as a machine that can take virtually any business from “zero to hero” and puts lead generation and prospecting on autopilot.

But Will This Work For Your Business?

There are some things I cannot overcome no matter how good the world’s greatest marketing course is. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I provide good quality service to my paying clients worthy of them referring other business to me?
  • Am I OK with delegating proven marketing systems to low and zero net cost marketing systems and tools?
  • Would I be interested in building a long term client base of repeat clients?
  • Would committing to improving my business and specifically my marketing excite and motivate me?
  • Does saving time and money by using only effective marketing strategies make good financial sense to me?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then The World’s Greatest Bookkeeper Marketing Course will work for your business. In fact, I guarantee it (see my guarantee below).

What Topics Are Covered In The Course

These are just some of the topics covered in the course:

Module #1 (Covered On Day 1)

  • Getting Started & Goal Setting
  • 3 Major Components That Determine Your Total Yearly Revenue
  • How To Increase The Number of Clients
  • How To Increase Your Average Transaction Size
  • How To Increase The Average Number of Transactions Per Client
  • Pareto’s Principle – How To Focus On Things That Will Make The Biggest Difference
  • Met Versus Have Not Met – How To Focus Your Marketing
  • The Importance Of Setting Goals
  • 6 Categories of Business Goals
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Determine The Number Of Hours Worked Per Year
  • Determine Your Dollar Per Hour Goal
  • The Importance Of Paying Yourself First
  • Your Dollar Per Hour Goal’s Meaning
  • How Many Paying Clients Do You Need To Achieve Your Specific Income Goal?
  • How Many Prospects Do You Need To Achieve Your Specific Client Goal and Therefore Your Income Goal?
  • The Critical Importance Of Multiple Streams of Prospects
  • Pricing Strategies And Inner Game
  • Inner Game Recommended Reading
  • Strategies To Use If You Must Use A Low Price
  • Marketing Cycles of Businesses including Cycles For A New Business, Growing Business and an Established Business
  • The Importance Of Marketing Critical Mass
  • How Do You Achieve Marketing Critical Mass?
  • The Importance Of Database Marketing
  • Feast and Famine Marketing Cycles And How To Avoid Them
  • Developing An Unstoppable Army Of Promoters Referring Business To You
  • Becoming A Big Fish In A Small Pond
  • How To Develop and Maintain More Personal Relationships
  • Setting Up Your Database
  • Database Software You Can Use
  • How To Outsource The Care and Maintenance Of Your Database
  • The Specific Data To Store In Your Database
  • Adding People To Your Database: The Who And Why
  • Activating An Unstoppable Referral Network
  • Strategies For Effectively Communicating With Your Database
  • How To Write Your Newsletter (Or Have It Written For You)
  • Using Email With Your Database: Things To Do and Things To Avoid
  • Plus much more…

Module #2 (Covered On Day 2)

  • Growing Your Database – Strategies For Business Now and On-going Business
  • How To Trigger Immediate Business With Your Marketing
  • Why I Only Recommend Direct Response Marketing
  • The 3 Ms of Marketing: Market, Media and Message
  • The Importance Of Matching Your Message To Your Specific Market
  • Key Marketing Metrics To Measure and Improve
  • Marketing Messages For Promoting Your Business
  • Developing A Unique Selling Proposition
  • Vastly Improving Response By Using Headlines In Your Marketing
  • The Secret To Your Market – Developing A Proven Irresistible Offer
  • Specific Steps For Improving Your Response Rate In Your Marketing
  • What To Market (It May Be More, Or Even Different, Than What You Currently Think)
  • Effectively Using Marketing Widgets
  • How To Create And Use Special Reports To Get More Clients (And At A Lower Cost)
  • Why Utilizing Niches Will Improve Profitability
  • Strategies For Dominating Multiple Niches
  • When And Why To Use Geographic Expansion To Grow Your Business
  • Google Tools To Use In Your Business
    • AdWords
    • AdSense
    • Gmail
    • Feedburner
    • Analytics
    • Webmaster Tools
    • Checkout
    • Alerts
    • Trends
    • Docs
    • Sites
    • Blogger
    • Groups
    • YouTube
    • PageRank
    • Local Business
  • Plus much more…

Module #3 (Covered On Day 3)

  • Effectively Using A Website and Online Marketing
  • What To Include On Your Website
  • Selecting And Using Website Software
  • The 5 Step Website Setup Guide
  • Selecting And Using Domain Names
  • Selecting And Setting Up Your Website Hosting
  • The Proper Use Of Website Categories and Tags
  • Website Design Strategies: Themes
  • Website Functionality: Plugins
  • Save Yourself Thousands of Dollars With Our Recommended Plugins
  • Website Traffic, Tracking Visitors, Conversions, Sales and More
  • The Correct And Profitable Use Of Email Broadcast Software
  • Outsourcing Website Setup (For Non Techies)
  • Highly Effective Offline Website Marketing Strategies
  • Using One Step And Two Step Marketing
  • Organic Website Traffic – Getting Streams Of Traffic For Free
  • Paid Website Traffic – Paying For Visitors, Prospects and Clients
  • The Importance Of Articles and Content On Your Website
  • Comparing The Effectiveness of Articles Versus Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Safely, Profitably Navigating The Dangerous, Murky Waters Of Duplicate Content
  • Popularity and Direct Traffic 101 – The Benefits of Link Building and Link Building Strategies
  • How To Host Your Text, Audio and Video Special Reports For Maximum Profitability
  • Understanding, Measuring and Using Bounce Rate To Improve Lead Generation Effectiveness
  • Evaluating Uptime and Reliability Of Your Website
  • Learn The Secret Of Using One Website Or Many Websites From Someone Who Has Run Millions Of Lead Generating Websites
  • Plus much more…

Module #4 (Covered On Day 4)

  • The Key Properties Of Marketing Media
  • Lazy And Poor Marketing Methods
  • How To Effectively Use 24 Hour Recorded Information Lines To Make The Perfect Sales Presentation Every Time, 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year
  • “Getting A Gazillion Leads Using Tiny (on-line) Classified Ads”
  • The 3 Major Classified Ad Websites That Pareto Would Recommend
  • Basic and Advanced Article Marketing Strategies For Highly Profitable Business Growth
  • The Correct And Effective Use Of Business Cards
  • Getting Your Marketing For Free – The Proper Way To Do Cooperative Marketing
  • Using eBay To Market Your Business (An Example Of Going To Where The People Are)
  • Leveraging Legitimate Email Marketing Strategies
  • Discovering The Effective, But Questionable, Use Of Fax Broadcast
  • Using Flyers For Extremely Fast Response, Extremely Cost Effective Lead Generation
  • Pay Per Click Marketing Mastery
  • Million Dollar Mailing 101: Utilizing Scalable, Profitable Direct Mail Strategies
  • Getting The Word Out Inexpensively With Voice Broadcast
  • Yellow Page Advertising – How To Take Advantage Of The Decline In Printed Phone Books
  • Social Media Guerrilla Warfare
  • Using Door To Door Marketing To Complement Your Marketing Plan
  • Newspaper Marketing – Effectively Using Classified Ads, Display Ads, Inserts, Sticky Notes, Press Releases and Articles
  • Plus much more…

Module #5 (Covered On Day 5)

  • Business Networks – Getting Out, Getting Connected and Getting Business Utilizing Systems
  • Local Networking Strategies Using Meetup
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Lead Groups
  • The Importance of Committing To Lifelong Learning In Business And In Life
  • 3 Ways To Get Paid For Lead Generation – How To Develop An Unlimited Marketing Budget (secret strategies from the “Six Figure Lead Generation Guy”)
  • Outsourcing and Delegating – Staying Sane With An Insane Amount Of Business
  • Strategies For Increasing Your Earning Power With Leverage
  • Where The Rubber Meets To Road – The Ultimate Implementation Guide (What To Do On Monday Morning)
  • If It’s Good Enough For The Nuclear Navy, It’s Good Enough For You: Using Checklists
  • Daily Checklist – What To Do Each Day And In What Order
  • Daily Marketing Checklist – How To Run Your Marketing Machine Like A Seasoned Pro
  • The Top Marketing Strategies To Implement First
  • The Prospect, Client and Business Management Checklists – An Introduction
  • Behold The Amazing Power of Compound Growth (As Opposed To The Very Good Power Of Incremental Growth)
  • Proven Strategies For Improving Your Website
  • Overcoming The Top Marketing Challenges – All Procrastinator’s Excuses Addressed
  • Forensic Marketing Analayis Basics – How To Spy On Your Competitors To Gain A Marketing Advantage
  • To Paraphrase John David Hoag… “There Is No Failure… Only Feedback”
  • How To Avoid The Dabbler’s Illness Like You’d Avoid The Plague And How To Commit To Mastery
  • Plus much more…

No Nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee

Take it for a test drive for 60 days. Read through it. Listen to the audios. Make notes. Mark it up. Try just a few of the strategies I use and recommend. If you’re not absolutely thrilled, go ahead and send it back for a no questions asked, no hassle, no run around 100% money back refund.

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“Definitely, I would recommend working with James Orr to friends and family alike. Why? Simply because working with him has changed my life!” — Madel Baljon

“I was skeptical when I first started but I tried it anyway because it is a very great opportunity to waste. I am a believer now because all that has been promised are coming true.” and “It is also a great experience and there are no drawbacks about it.” — Michael Maniwa

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