Taking Action Is The Hidden “Secret” To Success

The cliches regarding business success are as plentiful as the failed businesses that failed to follow them. “Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people are unwilling to do”. “Success loves speed (of action).” These and a thousand more popular business sayings are used as opening chapter quotes in countless books about success and achievement.

The problem is that they are all true. No matter what, building a successful tax practice requires DOING, not just planning, thinking, and hoping. In general, sitting on your ass accomplishes nothing.

In every business I’ve ever been in, lack of action is the single biggest failure point I come across.

A perfect example, ironically, is the infrequency and irregularity of these exact article updates. In order to provide you, my reader, with the best resources, tools, and maintain “top of mind awareness” about my products and services, I really should be writing to you at least once a week, if not every day. This would help me in a number of ways, including search engine rankings for the web site, keeping you abreast of the latest marketing developments, and building goodwill with you as a regular reader. But, more often than not, I end up going a month or four without writing. In short, shame on me.

But you don’t need to fall victim to the same trap. Each and every day, each and every week, there are specific things you should be doing to build your tax practice. Basically, just do them. The cumulative daily actions you take, most of which take very little time, add up over the course of a year.

The most critical action items you should take, of course, involve marketing. And I’m not just saying that because I sell leads and marketing materials, or because writing about marketing is my favorite thing. No, it really is true.

Just as writing to you daily (or at least weekly) should be my most important task (because for me, that is my marketing), the same applies to you. Are you sending out weekly mailings? Do you have a weekly email newsletter you CONSISTENTLY send out?

Author and sales trainer Steve Schiffman has written over a dozen books on the subject of cold calling and sales, and I’ve read them all (his stuff is worth reading). He has two consistent ideas that he repeats over and over again, and which have quite frankly formed the basis of … Continue reading

47 Ways To Market Your Tax Practice

In the spirit of getting ready for the end of tax season, and planning for the rest of the year and the Great Big, Scary Marketing Things we’re going to be discussing (and implementing!) over the coming weeks, I wanted to start with a brainstorming exercise. This is a list of things I came up with in a span of about 10 minutes for marketing a tax practice. Go through this list yourself, and think about how you could use these ideas in your own practice.

Heck, just go ahead and print this out (paper…they still make that, right?) and jot down a short note to the right of each idea about how you could use this in your own business. For example, can you use a particular media for getting new clients? For keeping in touch with existing clients? For promoting a seminar? How can you interlink multiple ideas together?

Then, I challenge you to add AT LEAST five things to this list of your own. Keep in mind that while most of what I’ve written here are actually marketing media, don’t limit yourself to just the various media. What marketing message can you think of to use for a particular media? What about different target markets you could go after, and what you could say to them?

1. Craigslist
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. Squidoo
5. StumbleUpon
6. Digg.com
7. Internet discussion boards
8. Public bulletin boards
9. Door hangars
10. Post-It Notes
11. Commenting on blogs
12. Direct mail postcards
13. Direct mail newsletters
14. Referral request letters
15. Local newspaper classified ads
16. Classified ads in trade publications
17. Your own blog
18. Your own email newsletter
19. Local seminars
20. Press releases
21. Meetup.com meetups
22. Presenting at local organizations (Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Realtors, etc).
23. Business cards
24. Ebay (service section)
25. Kijiji (eBay classifieds)
26. Network on LinkedIn.com
27. Post vides on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
28. Host a live weekly web show on UStream
29. Reactivation letters to former clients
30. Radio interviews
31. Flyer inserts in local newspapers
32. Bandit signs
33. Street corner sign wavers
34. Trade shows (collect people’s contact info!)
35. Customer appreciation parties
36. Write articles on EzineArticles.com
37. Join a mastermind group
38. Participate as a speaker at other people’s workshops
39. Write a book
40. Create an email signature
41. Put brochure boxes at other businesses
42. Hold … Continue reading

End Of Tax Season Means Time To Get Busy

I haven’t been writing to you during the course of the past couple months because I know how busy you have been with tax season (and if you weren’t that busy, then we should talk!).

Now that all of us are wrapping up tax season, however, it’s time to think about what you want to accomplish for the remainder of this year.

It’s so easy to just sit back and take a breather from it all, but right now is the time to begin big, wonderful, and potentially scary things.

Why is this? Because you’ve been working your tail off for two straight months, which means you have MOMENTUM. You’re in a position right now that is enviable from a business perspective: You’ve gotten used to the longer hours, time away from family,
missing your favorite TV shows.

This means that NOW really is the time to launch new marketing initiatives, push your firm into new practice areas, offer even greater value to your existing clients.

If your entire practice is return preparation based, then this is even more important for you to think about: What other services of value can you offer your clients through the rest of the year? You JUST had close contact with your clients, NOW is the time to solidify that relationship going forward.

Now that I’m starting up the newsletter again, we’re going to explore this issue in greater depth here over the next couple weeks on this exact topic. This is such a critical time of year for all of our practices, so don’t be surprised if you start hearing from me daily or almost daily.

Let’s continue the momentum of tax season, and make 2012 a record year!… Continue reading