August 2012 issue of “Tax Marketing Monthly” released

The August 2012 issue of Tax Marketing Monthly is now available in your member download area. All active subscribers have access to the premium newsletter each month.

What’s so special about the premium newsletter? While here in the free weekly email newsletter I discuss a lot of the “what” of marketing your tax practice, the detailed “how to” is generally reserved for the subscription newsletter and in depth courses. In this month’s issue we discuss:

  • How to market successfully and ethically to take advantage of the IRS Fresh Start Initiative.
  • What specifically to do on Twitter each day to make it an effective part of your marketing communications.
  • How to generate referrals and additional business from your seasonal tax prep clients.
  • A compliance update regarding 1040 telemarketing.
  • A breakdown of the costs to acquire a client via telemarketing.
  • Marketing Piece of the Month: A new Offer in Compromise postcard plus analysis.

I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on all of this, and you can access the newsletter each month with a simple subscription. Membership plans include other valuable benefits as well. For further information, see the membership information page.

Over the past two months, I’ve been covering a lot of direct mail and sales topics in my daily articles. Starting tomorrow, I’m switching gears on the marketing discussion, and will begin a new series of articles that you’re not going to want to miss: Internet marketing strategies. Stay tuned!