A challenge for you, plus new “Free Guides” section…

Personal challenges can be extremely powerful.

I remember the first half-marathon I ever ran (that was a loooong time ago!). I was always a slow runner, and more of a 10k guy. Thirteen miles was pretty daunting. So why did I do it? For no other reason than because a Navy buddy kept calling me a chicken for not doing it, and I wanted to prove him wrong. It was the challenge.

A couple weeks ago, I finally finished and made available the Tax Resolution Systems checklists manual, a project that I had been working on here and there for almost two years. How did I end up finally finishing it? Because my friend and mentor James Orr gave me a personal challenge to finish it within 7 days.

Challenge accepted.

So, for a solid week I locked myself in the house, suffered through extensive sleep deprivation, and created a checklist manual for the tax resolution world that is now making a difference in other people’s practices. Voila.

Today, I’ve got a challenge for you. Today, I challenge you to do ONE thing to work on your practice, rather than in your practice. The business extension deadline has passed, and the individual extension deadline is three weeks away, so that’s no excuse. Do something, anything, to work on moving your practice forward.

Then email me back and tell me what you did. I’ll give you a gold star. Seriously, it’s a real thing — but you’ve got to do something and share it with me in order to find out what it is. 🙂

Free Guides

I’ve started writing a series of free guides to help practitioners add various services to their tax practices. The tax resolution and 1040 preparation guides are mostly done, and I have a tax planning guide in the works. These guides are meant to answer the basic lament of, “I don’t even know where to start.”

Current guides:

Getting Started in Tax Resolution
Starting Your Own Tax Preparation Business

Once I have the tax planning startup guide finished, I’ll send out an announcement about it.

Not Free, But Only $7

While I’m at it, I should also mention that I’ve put together a few items from other books and courses and created a 29-page Tax Resolution Quick Start Guide. The purpose of this guide is to create something quite a bit more advanced than the free guide, containing some of the most crucial tax lien marketing information, sales information, client intake checklists, an engagement letter, and a few other things that are important for doing tax resolution work.

I wanted to have a guide like this with significant details, forms, and practice management guidance at a price that makes it accessible to everybody. At just $7, I’d highly suggest that any tax resolution professional that doesn’t already have any of my other materials to download the Tax Resolution Quick Start Guide today.