Sample Client Newsletters

A monthly newsletter, physically printed and mailed to all of your clients AND your best prospects is one of the best marketing investments you can make each month.

This newsletter template contains yellow highlighted areas for you to insert your own information. Each issue is created in Microsoft Word 2013 with backwards compatibility enabled, meaning you should be able to open the files just fine in Word 2003 and 2010 — but not in versions earlier than that.

The newsletter is layed out to use the “Booklet Self-Mailer 8.5 x 11” mailing product. Therefore, make sure you leave the top half of page 4 blank as it comes, as that is where the address gets printed. Printed black and white on white paper with standard class postage in quantities less than 1,000 will cost $0.941 per piece. This increases to $1.095 per piece using first class postage and canary paper, as of April 4, 2015 when I wrote this.

To ensure it GETS DONE, I would advise having a staff person be responsible for modifying the template and getting it out the door via or a local print/mail shop in your area.

August 2015 Client Newsletter Template (Word)
July 2015 Client Newsletter Template (Word)
June 2015 Client Newsletter Template (Word)
May 2015 Client Newsletter Template (Word)
April 2015 Client Newsletter Template (Word)